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Tax Deductions – Getting Your Marketing Dollars Back

Marketing dollars gained back

Learn How to Get Your Online Reputation Management Software for FREE

There’s only two weeks left in the year and small business owners are scrambling to get the end of the year to-do’s accomplished. Focusing on providing great customer service is a no-brainer, especially during the busy holiday season, but are you really maximizing on your effort? This week we will discuss how your business can essentially get online reputation and review management software for FREE.

As we have discussed in previous blog posts, “FREE” and “New” are some of the most powerful marketing words in the English language. There is no doubt that online reviews directly affect your business reputation. Your potential customers are going online and searching for testimonials about your business and want to see what your customers journey has been like with your company. No matter what size of company you are, if you have been in existence for 40 years or are just a start-up, investing in your business marketing is a necessary expense.

Get Your Online Reputation Management Software System For FREE

Good news! Your marketing and advertising dollars are 100% tax-deductible and as of recent, so is your business software. This includes online reputation and review management software. In the past, business software had a depreciation schedule that was acceptable, however, now your business can deduct the full amount of the cost of business software. Basically, you are getting the software system for FREE.

Why not invest into your business reputation,increase your sales, improve your online business reputation, get more reviews and more with ReviewInc – the BEST Review Management & Online Reputation Management Software System on the market. With ReviewInc – your business is armed with the necessary tools needed to run effective marketing campaigns,generate market surveys, gain valuable customer feedback and more from an ultra-fast, all-in-one mobile accessible dashboard. 

Contact ReviewInc today to find out more about our End Of The Year Specials and how you can essentially get your money back from investing in the best online reputation management software in the industry.