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Your Business's Digital Footprint

Your Business's Digital Footprint

As a business owner, you should pay attention to Google reviews as an indicator of your business’s digital footprint. Google reviews make it easier to find and improve your business’ visibility.

Customers use Google reviews everyday to research companies to do business with and managing Google reviews can boost your brand in terms of search engine optimization (local SEO).

What are the Benefits of Google Reviews?

Negative Feedback Management

Social Proof

In today’s world where more local business is done online than ever, people are now turning to the Internet to learn more about companies. We trust the opinions of people who have had experiences with a brand before. If your business has more positive Google reviews, potential customers will read them and choose to work with you.

Improved ROI for Marketing


Because reviews provide social proof, businesses with more positive Google reviews are more likely to show up in search results. Google uses relevance, distance, and prominence to factor into ranking and delivering results.


Indirectly Lead to Increased CTR and Revenue

Since new customers will be able to find your business and are more likely to do business with you with many positive Google reviews, they are known to boost revenue. A study by Harvard showed that a one-star increase in rating for business leads to a 5-9% increased. Another study by in 2020 showed that review stars can boost CTR up to 35%.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is an easy and totally free listing service that businesses can use to aid in their search presence on Google Maps and Search.

Google My Business is like other listing sites; however, it is essential that all business owners claim a listing to manage their online reputation. According to Moz, GMB listing, and reviews are the highest indicators of SEO ranking.

What is Google My Business

How Do I use Google My Business?

User Roles

Business Description

 Add the perfect description of your business, information and throw some relevant keywords in, but not too many to be spam.

Business Hours


Make sure your hours are updated and accurate so that customers know when to call or expect a response. Keep in mind holiday hours as well.

upload photos

Add Photos

To make your listing look attractive, it is important to add high-resolution pictures of your products. Pictures help your listing stand out against your competition, provide a better customer experience and Google has reported that adding pictures makes it more likely that people will click on your listing.

How Do I Review a Business on Google

How Do I Review a Business on Google?

First, what is a Google review? They are feedback or reviews that customers leave on the reviews section of Google Maps. With other review sites, customers need to make an account, however, with Google, many people already use Google search, Google phones, and Gmail. This makes Google’s reach much wider than other review sites.

To leave a Google review on a computer, navigate to Google Maps and sign in. Search for the place you are reviewing. On the left will be the listing. Scroll until you see “Write a review.” Click “Write a review.” When you click, you will see 5 stars. Click on the star rating you are leaving, and you will be able to rate and review.

How Do I Read Google Reviews?

A study by Inc shows that 91% of people regularly or occasionally read reviews. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. According to a 2019 study, 57% of people regularly check Google for reviews.

To join the many reading Google reviews, search for the business in Google. You will see a star rating below the business name. Click the number of reviews next to the rating to start reading reviews.

How Do I Review a Business on Google
Can I Delete Google Reviews

Can I Delete Google Reviews?

When business owners see negative Google reviews, they may want to delete them. It is important to realize though that if there are a few negative reviews and lots of positive reviews, the latter will outweigh the former. In fact, we have studies that show that a 4.5 rating is more trusted than a 5-star rating due to suspicion of inflated ratings.

However, the process is not so easy. The simplest thing a business owner can do is respond to a negative review. In certain circumstances, you can also flag reviews for removal, if you suspect they are fake reviews. You can read more about this here. In this case, Google Small Business Support will ultimately decide whether to remove the review.

How Do I use Google My Business?


Look for Promoters

It may be surprising that the best way to get more positive reviews on Google is to ask your most satisfied customers. Look for promoters (referring to the Net Promoter Score) who are already happy with your brand and may be recommending you to others. When you send automated requests for Google reviews at touchpoints, more reviews will come.

Automated Review Requests

Delayed Review Request

Good touchpoints are after a transaction has been completed and a customer has had enough time to experience the product. Set up expectations while interacting with the customer that the review request will be coming by explaining why they are important to your business, warning them if the request will come by text or email, and when it will be coming. The customer may need a few hours after the service to leave a review in terms of service.

Automated Notifications

Automatic Review Requests

One of the best ways to send review requests is through automated emails or texts, especially through reputation management software. With review requests, it is best to keep the email simple and include personal details such as the person’s name and order information.

Identify & Fix Broken Links

Review Link

With Google Reviews, it is good to create a short link to encourage customers to write reviews and share them in the email. To learn how to create a link, visit Google’s Support blog.

How Do I Manage Google Reviews?

Now that you know Google Reviews are so important you may be wondering how to manage them? Getting notifications when a review comes in, positive or negative, is important so you can respond accordingly. The timing of a response to a negative review is important because you could convince an unhappy customer to reverse their review.

What about anonymous reviews? To learn how to deal with them, visit our blog.

How Do I Manage Google Reviews
ReviewInc Can Help with Google Reviews

ReviewInc Can Help with Google Reviews

Managing reviews is easiest with reputation management software such as ReviewInc. You can set up notifications so that you will get an alert when a positive or negative Google review comes in, along with other review sites. You can also respond directly to Facebook and Google reviews from within the platform.

An important thing to keep track of with reviews is sentiment. ReviewInc has many tools to help measure sentiment, but you can also read incoming reviews and look for patterns as strengths or areas to improve.

As stated before, asking is the best way to generate more reviews, and reputation management software makes this process simple. ReviewInc’s Review Flow shows the process of asking for feedback along with follow-ups such as the Thank You Email and the Follow Up Email. With the Review Flow, businesses can set up the campaign when the time is right to ask for a review, execute the request, and follow-ups flawlessly.

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