Contactless Office Check In


A safer, contactless office check in experience, which…

  • Provides returning employees with contact-free tools to make the office safer
  • Mobile communication reduces face-to-face interaction with unfamiliar strangers
  • Easily allows visitor data to be collected.

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* Check In is available for a separate extra fee from ReviewInc reputation management software.

Learn how ReviewInc can help improve your check in experience.

In today’s post-COVID-19 world, many are returning to their office workplace after a long absence. According to a Glassdoor survey, 3 out of 4 workers are eager to return to the office.

However, many cite health concerns as a reason they are afraid to work in an office building again. It is important that your employees feel safe, even when contractors and visitors are on-location. As a business, you are looking to implement the correct procedures to ensure that everyone on-premises feels safe. Social distancing and limited contact are necessary. There is a need for contactless, secure visitor management. ReviewInc can help with a contactless check in experience.

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What is Contactless Office Check In?

Contactless Office Check In is a way to inventory visitors coming into the workplace without traditional paper and a receptionist. Software that utilizes QR codes, RFID, and/or mobile phones can bypass these methods.

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What are the benefits of Contactless Office Check In?

  • Paper and pens need to be sanitized after every use. Contactless check in uses personal smartphones, which everyone is already comfortable with to sign any documentation.
  • Reduce face-to-face interaction and still be able to communicate with employees because they may not be ready to check in with a receptionist.
  • You can collect data about incoming visitors quickly and easily for a variety of purposes.
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How can ReviewInc provide contactless check in and communication?

Introducing…Check In and Notify.

Check In is the necessary first step to help employees feel safe in the workplace. Notify is a customizable, automated communication system that tracks every step in the customer-facing processes with interactive web-based forms, emails, and text messages. With a few easy steps, create a customized customer experience to make your business shine.

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Here’s how Check In and Notify can help…

Contactless Office Check-in 

Each Notify Campaign has a status page that maps the customer’s journey through stages in one place.

Check In is FREE software that allows customers to check in with a customizable questionnaire on their phone through QR code, RFID or URL, to avoid unnecessary human contact on-location.

With Check In, you can also have employees send photos and videos to verify their identity and print a badge to use on-site. All data is stored on a secure server, so any data collected will not be compromised.

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With Check In’s optional geofencing feature, businesses can restrict check-ins to the nearby radius to stop unwelcome visitors from coming in. You can also get notifications when someone checks in with Notify.

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Status Page

Notify can map out your customer’s journey by defining each stage and the messaging that goes along with each touchpoint and send a review campaign at the end to help get more reviews to attract even more customers!

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Notify Library

Notify comes with a library of industry templates ranging from simple to complex so that your business can edit, customize, and create as needed to discover your customers!


Each stage of Notify can have unique automation, including emails, texts, pages and more using our Campaign Builder to connect with customers consistently.

Picture this…

Your office signs up for Check In and Notify with ReviewInc and we help you build your employee check-in experience.  You use QR codes, messages, online forms, and mobile phones to collect information from employees and visitors when they come to the office and restrict check-ins to the office location.  Both employees and visitors now feel safe when returning to the office, so you can collect positive feedback on location. Life is good!

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