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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ReviewInc the best choice?

ReviewInc is the premium end-to-end solution for organic reviews encompassing monitoring, collecting, and amplifying reviews so you can get more customer feedback. The software covers an industry leading 600 Review Sites and connects with over 500 counterpart systems (CRM, Social Media, Help Desk, Newsletters). ReviewInc can integrate into your website, using your branded URLs, email, etc., if you choose. We work your way.

Do reviews impact sales?

Customers read reviews. Positive reviews help, negative reviews hurt. A 2011 Harvard study indicates a 5% – 9% revenue impact based on reviews alone.

What does ReviewInc Do?

ReviewInc turns customers into brand enthusiasts, increasing your business’ sales. See real reviews from happy customers on the review sites that matter the most. Increase your star ratings, and get more customer feedback – ultimately getting new customers in the door!

Why do online reviews matter?

Customers read online reviews and search engines display star ratings.

Who benefits the most from using ReviewInc?

Any local merchant listed on Google Maps. This works for brick and mortar locations, as well as home-based businesses that service others (plumbers, electricians, etc.). With ReviewInc you can get more customer feedback and boost your online reputation.

Why are so many local businesses showing up with bad reviews?

Complainers feel motivated to complain, while happy customers are more silent. Get more customer feedback that is positive with review campaigns with ReviewInc.

How does ReviewInc monitor my reviews?

We track your online reviews across over 600 review sites via APIs, etc. Receive real-time alerts, daily, weekly, or monthly reports of ratings and reviews on the review sites that matter for each of your locations.

How do I collect real reviews from my customers?

To get more customer feedback, ReviewInc creates a custom website that serves as a landing page where all your customers can leave private feedback. On this page, customers can easily submit reviews and star ratings of your business. These can be branded, linked, and embedded into your website and Facebook business page seamlessly.

Does ReviewInc work on a variety of devices?

Yes. It’s easy for customers to share reviews via smart phones, tablets and kiosks. We offer free configuration instructions for your own tablets and smart devices.

May I use my mobile phone to check reviews?

Yes. All portals and email reports work on modern mobile phones.

Is there anything I can do to promote reviews?

Yes. The ReviewInc platform includes automated posting to social media channels, as well as social sharing tools that make it easy for your customers to recommend your company via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Will you contact my customers?

The platform allows you to communicate with your customers about your business. We do not use your customer contact information for any other purpose.

May I reward private feedback with coupons or special deals?

Yes. The platform integrates coupons and referrals that allow you to reward customers for their private feedback. You can decide what the coupon can be, and when a customer can use it.

Are there instant alerts?

Yes. An instant alert for any sophisticated filter can be set up, and immediately sent to the appropriate destination (email, webhooks, social media, help desk ticketing, CRM case, etc.).

How does ReviewInc encourage sharing of reviews?

In additional to social media automations, ReviewInc sends automatic thank you and follow up emails to your customers. They are then asked to share their review on popular review sites that matter most.

Does every review shared stick forever?

No. Certain review sites filter reviews that are poor quality. High quality reviews speak from a unique first person experience and are less likely to be filtered.

How long will it take to increase my star ratings?

It varies, but it depends on the number of review sites you are sharing consumer reviews to – as well as the quality of your previous reviews. The organic and steady approach usually takes between 2 to 6 months to significantly increase your ratings.

How do I track the progress of my campaign?

The dashboard lets you filter and report on just about anything you can imagine.

How do I log in to my Customer Portal to track my reviews?

Upon signing up, we will give you a unique login and password to your Customer Portal to access anytime.

What if I have multiple locations?

ReviewInc can handle businesses with up to 50,000 locations. Individual users can be given read/write access to specific location, region, or location group.

Is ReviewInc compliant with all the major review sites?

ReviewInc only encourages the sharing of real reviews from real customers, which is compliant with all review sites.

When I sign up, what happens next?

Upon signing up, ReviewInc will help you setup and configure your account, custom website, and Customer Portal.