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Safe, contactless technology to connect and communicate with your customers for a better customer experience.

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Why Does Automation matter?

Communication is the key to the best customer experience and meeting customer’s emotional needs. ReviewInc’s Notify automates the customer journey communication with a suite of highly flexible tools.

Learn how ReviewInc’s Notify can help map out your customer journey.

How can ReviewInc software help?

Introducing…Notify by ReviewInc

Notify is a customizable, automated communication system that tracks every step in the customer-facing processes with interactive web-based forms, emails, and text messages. With a few easy steps, create a customized customer experience to make your business shine.

Customer Experience Software

How does ReviewInc improve customer experience?

Bidirectional communication with customers

Updates when customers need it

Customizable workflows

No more paper forms

Easy status updates

Examples of How ReviewInc’s Clients Are Using Notify…

healthcare check in

Contactless Check In for Doctors’ Offices: Patients checking in to hospitals can now have peace of mind with contactless check in and two-way communication.

qr code contactless

Contactless Office Check in: Give your employees returning to the office peace of mind with contactless check in.

contact form

Contact Form: Give marketers, agencies, and websites a customizable form suitable for any industry with 25% more leads that convert.

home repair services

Communication Software for Home Services: Repair businesses can improve their in-home services with two-way communication and updates on ETA.

contactless test drive

Contactless Test Drive: Provide customers with a contactless test drive experience that saves time on purchasing a car and reduces face-to-face interactions.

Picture this…

Sign up for ReviewInc’s Notify and use the tool to map out your customers’ journey. Communicate with them consistently through text message updates so they have a positive experience every time. Customers will praise your business and keep coming back. By the way, they also leave reviews on review sites, which brings in more customers. We have that covered too.

happy customer

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