What NOT To Do On Social Media

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For those businesses that are hip to using social media as a major marketing tool, chances are, over time, you have found what works and what doesn’t. Social Media Marketing is not a new topic anymore and business have found a way to optimize their presence. This blog isn’t about what you are doing right, because let’s face it, if it works – why bother fixing it? This blog will talk about what NOT to do as just a reminder for those that tend to forget.

5 Don’ts You Should Be Aware Of

Don’t make grammatical errors. With spell check on most phones and devices you use to post to social media, spell check your content. The goal is to engage your followers and showing poor grammar or spelling errors makes you less credible.

Don’t go crazy with the #hashtags. You will see most posts that have a sentence of content compared to the paragraph of hashtags that follow. Although social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram use algorithms that maximize for hashtags, excessive use or spamming using hashtags are frowned upon and can get your account “ghosted”.

Don’t create content in ALL CAPS. The universal thought about all caps is that you are screaming or upset about something. As a business, your appearance should remain neutral so all caps are a no-no.

rules for social mediaDon’t ever beg. Never ask for likes or “reposts”. It gives your customers the appearance of being desperate and that is never a good look for a business.

Don’t ever buy followers. Quality over quantity is the best practice to exercise when it comes to social media. With information traveling at record speeds, you want your online reputation on social media to be organic and natural. Majority of the ‘gain more followers’ accounts are spam and should not be associated with your brand.

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