ReviewInc is a top-notch local reviews platform. We've used it for years for our 5 retail locations and it has never let us down. There are many local review solutions out there, but in my opinion, ReviewInc outclasses them all. Everything is customizable and can be figured in virtually any way you might want it. The platform itself is very reliable and I've rarely ever had to contact service about anything. When I do, the staff is kind and helpful. We saw a steady 11% response rate on our private feedback form and a 2% response rate on public reviews to Google, and that's including NPS and a few survey questions. Detailed reporting and routable review notifications are in a class of their own and very easy to configure. It offers the most bang-for-the-buck functionality of any review platform I've seen (and I've seen most of the ones out there). I can't say enough good things about ReviewInc if your business needs a solution to gather reviews for multiple locations this is the software to choose!
We are very pleased with your application. It is very thorough and detailed. Not less important is your superior customer service that we continuously receive from our account manager Josh Choate. Thank you!
What an incredible, friendly and helpful company/platform. The agency I work for has been using it for several months and we cannot be happier with the results, information displayed and overall satisfaction.
Easy to use and monitor! Out ratings have already gone up by 0.6 out of 5 stars and we've receieved a ton of private feedback from customers that wouldn't have posted it publicly! Still working on getting into the more in depth features, but tremendous successs so far!! Thanks ReviewInc.!
Thank you for all your help getting us set up.
It is good to get teview. Do you have business support system that would assist in displaying the select reviews on our business website?
We love Review Inc. It helps us really know how our customers feel. We would recommend to any business wanting to know how their customers feel and wanting to have a positive impact on their public reviews.
Awesome! Our reviews have already increased and so has our average rating. Glad we made the decision to go with ReviewInc.
Very happy with the platform. ReviewInc gives us the tools to effectively manage our online reputation.
We absolutely love Review Inc - what an amazing program they have - it makes it so EASY for us to ask for feedback, and hear what our customers think of us. Keep up the good work!!!
ReviewInc has exceeded expectations for our agency and the clients we leverage it for. We will be recommending as a piece of our marketing strategy for projects moving forward- guaranteed. Responsive support, customizable tools and an easy-to-use interface makes review gathering, monitoring and analyzing a piece of cake. Thanks, ReviewInc!!
We have been using ReviewInc for several years now. It does a great job in monitoring our online reputation on review sites. They are constantly adding new features and has become quite robust in their online review capture techniques.
You are doing great, ReviewInc! You keep us informed on how our relationship is within the community that we support and your team is extemely supportive in assisting us when we are figuring out what will be the most effective way to post a request for a review. I never have any fear of calling when I need assistance, and when your team is finished walking me through, I am confident that the outcome will bring me the information that I need to evaluate the services that we provide.
Great company with a great product. They have excellent customer service for all troubleshooting and the product really works!
Excellent functionality! We love this service and our customers give us a high rate of feedback.
We are very pleased with ReviewInc - they have helped us maintain a positive perception in our community.
This service seems to really be helping our ability to generate reviews. The link capability that allows us to just send a review link to our customers and allows them to use the smart phones to submit reviews on the spot is a huge help.
Great! We love our reviews up on our website- very professional!
Great service. We use it for several clients.
WHAT leave a review, HECK YEAH, this is by far the Bentley of services without the crazy sticker price! Amazing customer service on every call and email never loved a service so much. It is easy to use and powerful and easy to get more reviews for my clients than any other service I have ever used. Thank You Review Inc!
The software works as expected. Customer service has been good.
I have been very pleased with the results we have continually received from our customers through ReviewInc's services.
I've worked with Review Inc for 3 years now and you guys have come a long way from when my company first started working with you. You guys have provided good customer service and are always taking suggestions on how to improve your service. It's been pretty awesome seeing the improvements year after year and I know you will only continue to strive to provide the best service for your customers.
ReviewInc has not made a difference but has been THE difference for us. This is by far the most important, helpful, significant review management tool. Google linked 80 million websites to reviews. This is a critical service to our business.
We've successfully increased our client's overall star rating in only 4 months!
I am very glad that I signed up to be a part of ReviewInc. It has been a terrific experience!
ReviewInc helps us capture reviews from our customers to post on our Website and our Social Media sites. They also allow us to upload emails to send auto requests for reviews. There are a lot more features that we are just starting to take advantage of.
Outstanding service with a smile!
I was blown away by ReviewInc. onboarding process. We have adopted quite a few new SaaS products the last few months and I am most impressed by ReviewInc. I was expecting a lot more work on our end, but was pleasantly surprised with how much they did for us.
ReviewInc is an exceptional tool for gathering and monitoring reviews about our business. The ReviewInc staff is helpful, knowledgeable, and helps with whatever IT support we need. I highly recommend ReviewInc to any business.
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