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Be a Leader – Tips for Small Business Owners

Running your small business is tough, especially if you have a small team of employees that you rely on to keep your doors open. Building a rapport and maintaining that professional relationship with your employees is a necessity most business owners overlook or just plain don’t know how to go about being good at it. Here are some helpful tips to be a good leader for your employees and your small business.

Listen.Be a good leader
There is power in taking the time to listen. Listen to your employees and what they have to say. The fact they are on the front lines fighting for your business gives them a unique perspective into how your business operates. Ask for suggestions on how to improve and follow through with those recommendations.


Do Not Lie.
Lies only tangle you into a web of confusion and mistrust. Never lie to your employees. Building trust and upholding your word gives you and your business more credibility. If your employees trust you, they will trust your business and put their energy out that your product or service is trustworthy since they represent your business.

Keep Calm.breathe
This is a bit cliché but keeping a calm and level temperament is necessary when you are leading a team. Your team is looking to you for guidance and a good leader never lets their emotions get the best of them, so remaining non-reactive to situations will keep your position as leader safe.

gratitude feedback

Show Gratitude.
In line with listening to your employees and building rapport with them, it is equally important to seize moments to show your gratitude towards employees that are doing a great job. This is your opportunity to bond with your employees and show them that you appreciate their presence at your company.

Don’t complaining
No one wants to feel like they are back in junior high and a parent is scolding you for not doing the dishes or taking out the trash. When you complain to your employees without providing a solution to the problem, you only put them back in junior high. Instead, come up with a game plan to the solution and then discuss it with your team member. The message and lesson will be more well received.

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