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Do Different Age Groups Use Online Reviews Differently?

By July 8, 2014March 16th, 2021Online Reviews

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We all know that Millennial’s are far more tech-savvy than previous generations. But does this age discrepancy play a role in how online reviews pertain to us?

In a study conducted by TrustPilot included in the “Trust Economy Report”, we find that:

– 16 to 24-year-olds (Millennial’s) are most influenced by online reviews, with 44% stating they were willing to spend at least 25% more money with a business that they had read a positive review about.34171657_s

– This same age group is also most likely to write a negative review to ensure that “other people don’t get burned”.

– 29% of 16 to 24-year-olds are more likely to purchase from a company after reading a negative review that was successfully resolved by the affected company.32933438_s

Note: The younger your target audience, the higher potential rewards may be reaped from online reviews. But be aware that there is a greater chance of a backlash if you make a mistake and don’t seem to be making any attempts at resolving it.

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Power to the People

Online review communities’ most vocal age group is:

16-24-year-olds, 66.70% of which have written an online review.

The second most prolific reviewers are:
55+, 61.40% of which have written an online review.

Note: Never mind internet demographics – young or old, consumers are embracing the power of writing online reviews, so don’t get left behind.

According to a study we conducted back in May:

-The desire to give feedback for negative experiences is 17% higher than for positive experiences

-Customers prefer to give feedback privately by a factor of 3x more than writing a review on Yelp or Google

-18-34 year olds are twice more likely to write a review on Yelp or Google than older generations

Key Takeaways:

– Young markets may be the most swayed by online reviews – but they can also be among the most critical.
– The over 55s market presents a real opportunity for marketers; they’re more likely to leave positive feedback and spend more money than other age groups.

– All age groups are embracing the power of online reviews – and so should businesses.

via TrustPilot.

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