What are the Top 5 Customer Review Sites?

There are thousands of review sites out there for every kind of business. Over the years, the industry has grown enormously. It’s often hard to keep track of every review. However, some review sites deserve more attention as they bring the most traffic and viewership. We’re going to rate the top customer review sites based […]

Why You Need Review Management Software

review management software

Maybe this is a new concept, and you have managed reviews manually for quite some time. It’s pretty exhausting, though! Several platforms and opportunities for customers to review your business, which can suit your brand if you’re doing everything right.  When looking into different online management software, it’s essential to know why it’s critical and […]

How To Improve Local Reputation

Search engine optimization or SEO is a significant part of how businesses get discovered. It is vital to any business’s marketing strategy. Local reputation using local SEO strategies is a fantastic way to connect to your local community and help improve your online reputation. Here are a few ways to improve local reputation using SEO, […]

A History of Online Reviews

Let’s go back in time for a second and review the history of online reviews and the advancement of exchanging advice online. Before this was popular, often we only had “word of mouth” to rely on for recommendations.  Where Did It Start? Interestingly, the history of online reviews began in 1999, and they were largely […]

Can You Get Sued for Leaving Negative Legal Reviews?

legal reviews

We’ve all been there. You had a terrible experience with a company, service, or business. You feel so wronged that you’re compelled to put your passion to use and write a scathing review. After all, that’s why reviews are there, right? To exercise our rights as the customer and the customer is always right – […]

GUEST POST: Is Responding to Healthcare Reviews a HIPAA Violation?

healthcare reviews

Like any other business, health care providers must navigate the challenges presented by their online reputation in the form of healthcare reviews.  Reviews on sites like HealthGrades, RateMDs, Vitals, and Yelp can greatly impact a provider’s bottom line, especially for smaller providers, as ninety percent (90%) of consumers use online reviews to evaluate providers. For […]

Five Reasons Google Removes Reviews

google removes reviews

We all know the importance of Google reviews. However, you might be regularly checking for new ones, but unfortunately, you can’t find them. At ReviewInc we understand the importance of having a good online reputation since it changes the algorithm and could help or hinder your online reputation. So, what does that mean, and how […]

NEW SURVEY: Most Trusted vs. Most Read Review Site (2021)

Most Trusted vs, Read Review Site Bubble Chart

Over 80% of people look at review sites for recommendations on businesses to visit for products and services. But more interesting questions are: which review site is the most trusted and which is the most read by consumers? The answer is not what you are thinking. Earlier this year, ReviewInc conducted two surveys of U.S. consumers with over 5,000 responses. […]

How Companies Cheat Online Reputation

cheat online reputation

Many businesses care about their online reputation enough to be deceitful about it and cheat their online reputation. Some companies or business owners might think this falsifying  shortcut might help their business grow, but it could ultimately ruin your online reputation forever.  Most platforms work hard to catch people before it happens, but sometimes it […]

How Apple Maps and Yelp’s Integration Might Change Reviews

apple maps

You might be reading this headline and think: so what? Who cares if the two companies are integrating? However, as online reviews and reputation evolve, it will slowly change how we look at businesses and their rankings. As a business, it’s essential to pay attention to where the players in online reputation are going. It […]