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Top 5 Review Management Mistakes to Avoid

Every business owner needs to manage their online reputation, and whether it’s by using review management software or manually working, it’s a significant step to protecting their online presence.

Lots of these are common mistakes but can create long-term damage to your business and brand.

The good news is these are easily avoidable and take minimal effort.

Ignoring Negative Feedback in Review Management

negative review management

Ignoring negative feedback is a bad idea because even just one bad review can hurt your business reputation.

One of the worst ways to ruin your online reputation is by ignoring bad reviews.

Not responding to any reviews can slowly ruin your online reputation. Having a routine of quick responses can dramatically improve your online reputation since you can rectify conflicts quickly and swiftly before too much damage is done.

You can defuse an angry customer, possibly have the feedback changed or removed, and hopefully, keep higher customer retention by reducing tensions.

Always make sure to be polite and respond to bad reviews.

Not Responding to Positive Feedback

It might not seem urgent to respond to positive feedback. You might assume these customers are satisfied. Why does it matter to respond?

It matters since it creates an open channel of communication with your audience and customers. It can help gain more positive reviews, and it shows other potential customers that you are responsive and responsible and could lead to customer retention. 

People will appreciate the added step of responding to their kind feedback.

Using Automated Responses in Review Management

Don’t make the mistake of cutting corners like this common mistake.

Responding to reviews and feedback is essential for your online presence but building brand awareness and connecting to your customers.

Anyone can see repeated responses and will know it’s not an authentic voice. It deters any efforts to respond at all.

Don’t cut corners and always have a natural person responding to feedback.

Not Using Social Media

social media review management

Social media is a great place to showcase reviews to build trust in a brand.

You might feel that social media isn’t a high priority or maybe it feels intimidating to you. However, not using social media at all can hurt your online reputation.

Not only do you miss out on opportunities to grow, expand, and connect with your audience, you aren’t taking control of your narrative.

Social media is the ideal way to connect and keep people updated on your business. Having a consistent voice through social media allows you to protect your online reputation.

Providing Incentives for Reviews Management

Don’t make this huge mistake! While initially, it can seem like a good idea, it can backfire in an instant.

We highly recommend you don’t lean into incentives in exchange for reviews. It can lead to more harm than good because many review sites don’t support incentivized reviews. 

The Importance of Automation Software

You don’t have to worry about how a review can hurt your business when you control your online reputation. When using review management software, you can avoid lots of these common mistakes.

The high importance of online reviews makes it necessary to have a plan for online reputation management. It’s vital to respond to positive and negative reviews quickly, use social media, and avoid incentivizing reviews. 

With ReviewInc’s reputation management software, businesses have the tools to oversee their online reputation and all reviews properly. This allows their team to respond quickly and appropriately, as well as collect new reviews. To learn more about ReviewInc’s Review Flow, request a demo here.