Four SMS Review Request Templates To Grow Business Star Ratings

You might be considering integrating SMS (text message marketing) into your business.  For most people, it’s a new way of marketing we haven’t experienced before.

However, research proves SMS marketing to be highly effective and high rate of response. In fact, “SMS open rates can reach as high as 98%” (ManyChat).

So, we know that there is a high open rate for SMS marketing, but what kind of messages are being exchanged? It’s not your standard email copy, since characters are limited. It’s short, sweet, and usually about two sentences long.

It can prompt a customer to leave a review when asked.

The best part about SMS messages is their simplicity. You can tailor the ones we’ve listed below and give them a signature of your business or brand.

We’ve listed some easy message templates if you’re about to try SMS marketing. These are simple ways to ask for a review politely.

Again, feel free to tailor these to your business or brand!

Review Request Template: General Thank You


review requestIf you aren’t comfortable directly asking for a review, you can send a general feedback inquiry to encourage them to leave feedback.

Review Request Template: Leave Us a Review

This template is to help increase reviews. Whether you need more or increase positive ones, you can quicker turnaround with SMS review requests.


sms marketing

Review Request Template: Products

review request

Review Request Template: Services

request a review

SMS Tips:

  • Switch different review links if you’re trying to improve or increase your reviews on a particular platform. Ex: Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. 
  • Always keep your messages short!
  • Check your reports and see how many messages are being opened and clicked on to pivot strategy.
  • Customize your texts!

Why Resort to Online Reputation Software?

Managing online reviews can be challenging with various platforms and ways to ask for reviews. Switching to SMS marketing for reviews will likely increase your review count since it’s highly effective. You might find it hard to keep up to protect your online presence.

That’s where technology helps! 

Online reputation software, like ReviewInc, monitors all online reviews on all platforms. It allows for immediate attention to help reduce negative consequences. Your customers can get their issues resolved while protecting your online presence.

There’s so much to look over for your business. It’s essential to use your free time to worry about other business matters versus managing reviews. Most companies resort to review management software to reduce their stress and protect their online reputation.

Whether you choose to manually manage online reviews or utilize online reputation software, to keep your business running, you will have to consider your online presence.