Five Reasons Google Removes Reviews

We all know the importance of Google reviews. However, you might be regularly checking for new ones, but unfortunately, you can’t find them.

Google reviews
Google is arguably one of the most important review platforms.

At ReviewInc we understand the importance of having a good online reputation since it changes the algorithm and could help or hinder your online reputation.

So, what does that mean, and how do we fix it? 

Let’s dive into what to do to protect your company’s online reputation! We have five reasons Google removes reviews and how to avoid the scenario.

Why Google Reviews Matter

It’s essential to recognize the power of positive Google reviews and how to navigate managing them. Otherwise, it could compromise your entire online reputation. 

Reviews are essential because people rely on Google for business searches over any other platform. They also use Google as a source to find reviews. Positive reviews can help boost traffic to your business and website. Since Google is the primary source of searches, having positive reviews and a solid online reputation will help your visibility when people search for you.

Here are some reasons Google removes reviews and how to avoid it happening to you:

  1. URL within the review. It’s part of Google’s policy, and therefore, if a URL is mentioned in the review, it will not be posted. 
  2. Someone within your workplace. Since Google has strict guidelines about reviews and monitoring internal opinions, it will not allow for reviews made by company employees.
  3. Google and most reputation platforms strictly do not allow for incentives. We discussed this previously and why ReviewInc also disapproves of using incentives.
  4. Too many similar reviews. This will also flag Google’s attention.
  5. They are using the same IP address. Again, Google works hard to keep online reputation fair for all companies. Using the same IP address might indicate people within the company trying to manipulate the system to better their reputation. 

Importance of Automation Software

The high importance of online Google reviews makes it necessary to have an online reputation management strategy. It’s vital to respond to positive reviews and negative reviews quickly. We wrote about how to do this in the past.

With ReviewInc’s reputation management software, businesses can have a team overseeing their online reputation and all reviews left. This allows our team to respond quickly and appropriately.

To learn more about ReviewInc’s Review Flow, request a demo here.