How To Improve Local Reputation

Search engine optimization or SEO is a significant part of how businesses get discovered. It is vital to any business’s marketing strategy.

Local reputation using local SEO strategies is a fantastic way to connect to your local community and help improve your online reputation.

Here are a few ways to improve local reputation using SEO, social media, reviews, and more!

Find What Your Local Keywords Are

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Keyword research can be overwhelming, and there is often a lot of competition. Aiming for local keywords such as ” affordable dentists in Woodland Hills” often provides more opportunity than “affordable dentists” since the latter keyword can pull results anywhere.

Either invest in SEO software, like Moz or SEMRush, or (perhaps more time-consuming) you can use free tools like Google Trends and dig deep into your research. All of the above can help you improve your SEO keyword search and help boost your local reputation.

We recommend software if you want your investment to have results and measure your metrics for improvement!


Make Numerous Social Media Profiles

Using social media platforms is a fantastic way to build more links to your business website for increased optimization. Using platforms like Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, and Pinterest is a perfect way to backlink your website since social media sites have high authority and credibility. 

It enables you to engage with your customers directly. Consider using backlinks that will connect you with your customers. Putting time or money in investing in engagement has proven to significantly increase your odds of driving traffic (faster!) to your site.

Lastly, it will overall allow you to be more visible as a business while directly communicating with your audience and potential customers. It’s another win for your business, brand awareness, and strategy!

Implement Testimonials and Listings

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ReviewInc offers Testimonial software like the above as an asset to help with local reputation.

You can use testimonials in various ways to enhance your SEO strategy and help with your local reputation. 

Testimonials can come from case studies and online reviews. It’s a fantastic opportunity for more keywords associated with your business. According to Social Media Today, 74% of customers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

You might be unfamiliar with business directories and citations. They are the online version of Yellow Pages and are perfect for displaying your business’ NAP information (NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number).

It’s a credible way to use local SEO and backlinking to your website.

Find Ways to Connect with Local Events 

Connecting with the local community is a great PR move to boost business local reputation. A great way to provide quality backlinks is to connect with local events or charities. If it applies to your business, highlight local news in your area.

It will allow you to use other website links about the local area and will enable you to expand your outreach with this regional SEO strategy.

Google My Business Profile Should Be Updated

Make sure you’ve detailed, optimized, and corrected your “Google My Business” profile with pictures, offers, the correct hours, etc. 

Give yourself a checklist of items: phone number, email, business owners, address, etc., are all a few items that are important to make sure people find you and your local reputation is up-to-date and optimized.

Lastly, don’t forget that Yelp and online maps and business information platforms are optimized as well. Make sure you’re on top of any new sites that pop up. The more people can find you; the better local SEO will benefit your business.

Importance of Automation Software

The high importance of local reputation and improving SEO makes it necessary to have an online reputation management strategy. Whether it’s Google or another platform, it’s vital to respond to positive reviews and negative reviews quickly and have a plan in place.

With ReviewInc’s reputation management software, businesses can have a team overseeing their online reputation and all reviews left. This allows our team to respond quickly and appropriately.

To learn more about ReviewInc’s Review Flow, request a demo here. Manage the positive reviews and negative reviews to manage all review platforms to help boost business visibility.