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We’ve touched on Social Media Marketing in previous blog posts on marketing. There is no doubt that your online business reputation could benefit by incorporating social media to boost your business brand. Knowing how to use social media efficiently so that you get the most optimal results for the best time of day spent is the key.

Before you spend countless hours creating social media posts for an important campaign, it’s important to get an understanding on what are the best times to post to social media so that you reach your viewers at the best time.

Don’t assume that posting to all networks at the same time is optimal, it’s not. Each network is unique to its audience and industry. Effectively managing each of these social networks require strategy, insight and execution.

Which time zone?

It’s important to note that 80% of the US population are on Central and Eastern Time Zones, so it would be beneficial to base your posts on EST, no matter what time zone you are in currently.

Where to Optimize?

The most popular social networks are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. You will find more interaction with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter than you will Google+, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Facebook takes the cake with more than 1.5 billion active users a day so it’s the most popular platform used by marketers. Instagram comes in at 800 million active users, and Google+ along with Twitter at 500 million active users.

When to post?

A recent survey conducted here at ReviewInc asked over 1,000 US Consumers At what time of the day do you visit social media the most?  It’s interesting to find, almost 30% of Boomers and Gen X said they visited social media the most in the mornings. While Millennials were more likely to visit social media in the evenings.


Let’s look at each of the top platforms in detail:

  • Google+ is best optimized midweek, between 11am – 1pm. There is very little interaction that you will receive on Google+, but having a presence on there is worth it’s weight in gold.
  • Instagram is even across the board. The popular platform is best utilized during the week, Monday thru Thursday, mornings and evenings.
    LinkedIn has geared itself to be more of a business professionals’ platform so it’s best optimized during the week, Monday – Thursday, morning, noon and evenings.
  • Facebook has a more familial feel with the highest engagement being on the weekends. Posts morning, afternoon and evening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will get more exposure as opposed to posts during the work week. It’s interesting to note, posting at 1pm will get more shares, however posting at 3pm will get more likes.


See How ReviewInc Can Help

Knowing how to use social media effectively gets you a step closer to having your online business reputation optimized. Contact ReviewInc to see how you can boost your brand and increase your bottom line.