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Manual ORM vs. Reputation Management Platform

By January 6, 2021March 11th, 2021Reputation Management Platform, Uncategorized
manage reviews manually

A businessman trying to keep track of his business’ online reputation with a tablet and laptop.

It’s challenging to run a business in the age of technology, social media, and online reputation. Since there is a lot of keep track of to keep up a business’ reputation, some business owners may be wondering if investing in a reputation management platform is worth the money. 

Businesses rely on online reviews from their customers more than ever. According to a study by BIA/Kelsey and Constat, nearly all consumers use online media to shop locally (97%). A large number of these consumers find businesses through search engines, and make their selection of which businesses to work with by reading online reviews. 

Therefore, online reviews can genuinely affect your online presence — they can make or break your business. Or at least create a headache or two.

There are a lot of platforms to keep up with. Each year, more opportunities to leave reviews pop up on new review sites, and online reputation is imperative to business.

With all your other commitments, you need not have to worry about managing reviews. You have three online review options: manually manage, use a reputation management platform, or just let your reputation slide. Assuming you want your business to thrive, the last one is not an option.

We’ll dive into the options and let you figure out what’s best for your business.

Manage Online Reviews Manually

Here are the ways you can manage online reviews as a business. The benefit is that you have a personal connection to handling customer service, and it won’t require software expense. It’s easy for anyone to do, whether it’s you or another team member. However, it will require lots of work, in the form of lost time.

Here are a few ways to manage your online reviews manually; see what works for you!

Use an Excel Sheet

It’s a lot to keep track of all online reviews. How can you manage it all? One tip we recommend is to create an Excel sheet with all the platforms you receive reviews, create a regular schedule, and update your Excel sheet when new reviews come in.

Keeping all the information in one place makes it easier to track, respond quickly, and have others manage the information with ease.

automate review responses

As soon as that negative review comes in, it’s a good idea to respond before potential customers see it to clear up any confusion.

Respond Quickly to Reviews

The only way to handle online reviews effectively is to check frequently and respond immediately. You’ll need to track all the online platforms regularly in case a negative one pops up. 

The sooner you can rectify the situation, the better chance you have to protect your online reputation.

Ask How About Your Service or Product

Ask for feedback frequently to unearth potential issues that could result in negative reviews. If you use surveys, email campaigns, and phone calls, you can keep a line of communication open with your customers individually and discover how their experience was. If there was an issue, the open communication line allows you to resolve it before leaving a bad review.

Ask for Reviews

If you need to increase the number of business reviews online, ask your customers to leave you one, especially those that had a good experience. It will help increase your odds of having positive reviews. It allows your business to connect with customers and improve customer service.

Use an Online Reputation Management Platform

Since there is a lot to keep track of managing online reviews, there is technology that can help. Using an online reputation management platform is the easiest way to manage your reviews. Plus, it frees up extra time to attend to your business and provide great customer service.

reputation management platform

Using a Reputation Management Platform makes it simple to manage all online reviews, which can increase revenue.

Reputation Management Platforms Make Reputation Management Easy

Online reputation software, like ReviewInc, monitors all online reviews on all platforms. It allows for immediate attention to help reduce negative consequences. Your customers can get their issues resolved while protecting your online presence. Reviews from many different review sites can be seen together in one place, and requests for reviews can easily be automated. 

Online review software can be costly. Alternatively, you may have to invest time to hire a team member to manage reviews or take up your valuable time to manage them. Either way, there’s a cost. But one won’t require your time. Using reputation management software offers you peace of mind to run your business effectively.

Whether you choose to manually manage online reviews or utilize online reputation software to keep your business running, you will have to consider your online presence.