Monitor Online Reviews

When it’s your name on the line, you need to know what’s being said about it as its being said. 

When you track your business reviews, you can keep yourself informed so that you can start turning negatives into positives and start driving business straight to your door as soon as possible.

Why Track Online Reviews

Online reviews can have a big impact on your business. Customers have always had a lot to say, now they have the perfect platform to do it.

With all the review sites out there it’s more important than ever to make sure you track your online reviews so that you can stay on top of what customers are saying about your business on the web.

Why Track Online Reviews

People trust online reviews, and with sites like Google+, Bing Local, Yahoo! Local, and even Facebook, it’s easier than it’s ever been before to find, and leave, reviews. In order to take advantage of the growing influence of review sites, you need to know what, and when, people are saying things—good or bad—about your business. 

Your online business reviews define your online reputation and your business brand. That’s why monitoring your online reviews is critical to any marketing plan and essential for your business.

How You can Track Your Business Reviews

How You can Track Your Business Reviews

With the significant impact that online reviews can have on your business, it’s more important than ever for you to stay on top of your online business reputation.

At ReviewInc, we know that the first step in taking control of your online reputation is monitoring and tracking your business reviews online. If you’re not tracking your online reviews, how are you going to improve them? 

By keeping track of your business’ reviews, you’re giving yourself the information you need to start collecting and sharing positive reviews online.

Track Reviews To React

When you track business reviews you are giving your business the tools it needs to see exactly what people are saying about your business—as it’s happening. 

This way you can react to negative reviews, respond to positive ones, and keep yourself in the know at all times.

Track Reviews To React
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Easily Track Your Reviews with ReviewInc

ReviewInc understands that monitoring your reviews can make the difference between having a stellar reputation or a sinking one. That’s why we developed the technology to help you easily track your online reviews. 

With ReviewInc’s unique monitoring platform, you can track online reviews on over 600 different review sites, all in real time. With detailed reports given to you daily, staying up to date with your online reputation is easy and tracking your business reviews is simple. 

That way, you can start doing what you need to do in order to turn negative reviews around, and respond to and reward positive reviews, the moment they happen.

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