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Let’s start out with some good review examples for the New Year and how to ask for them! All too often, we focus on negative reviews and how they impact business online reputation. Maybe it’s because of the way they are worded or how much they stand out, but they seem to stand out more than a positive review.

Positive reviews, especially exceptional ones, can help balance negative feedback and can potentially lead to new clients. According to Inc, good customer experiences lead 42% of consumers to purchase again. 

Let’s jump into what makes a positive review and how you can ask for them! 

positive review examples

Most businesses flourish when customers leave positive reviews.

What Are Considered Good Review Examples?

A useful review takes one step beyond just leaving stars. Not only will the person leave feedback, but they also go above and beyond. When a customer leaves you a stellar review, you can genuinely feel their appreciation and sense of accomplishment. 

Even better, other potential customers will read it and will hopefully be encouraged to try your business. 

An excellent positive review can stand out and help buffer any negative feedback, especially if the review contains lots of detail and praise regarding your business. 

Provides Additional Detail

Great reviews will have lots of detail about their experience. When a customer takes the time to be thoughtful and specific, it’s clear you impressed them, and they’re happy with the service provided. 

Time is a commodity, so when people take extra time to give you an outstanding review, it means something. Anyone who took additional time to appreciate your business publicly, and list every part of their experience stands out, especially to potential new customers.

Whenever you write a prompt to leave a review, if possible, request detail. You can write something along the lines of, “Reviews help us improve as a company. Any specific details or examples help us out in the future!” It may encourage your customer to flesh out their review with additional detail.

Often Conveys Emotion

When a customer has a wonderful experience with your business, and they express positive emotions within a review, you know you exceeded their expectations. Depending on their experience, good reviews will also convey how the customer felt, such as how much better they felt after your service or using your product. Expressing vulnerability within a positive review is a great way to inspire potential customers.

positive review

When a customer is satisfied with business products or services, encourage them to write a positive review.

Provides a Storyline

You know a customer had a great experience with your business when compelled to explain every aspect. 

When a customer walks you through their experience, detail by detail, it indicates every aspect of their time was fantastic. It wasn’t just one thing: everything about their experience was great, and they felt the need to share that by taking you with them on their customer journey. 

These positive reviews allow other customers to sense how your business flows and whether they’ll have an excellent encounter as well.

How to Encourage Positive Reviews

Not every customer will write you a good review, and many won’t leave as much detail as we’ve mentioned. All these examples of positive reviews help increase your chances that potential customers will choose you over your competition. But you can’t tell a customer what to write in their review, so what can you do?

When asking for reviews manually or using reputation management software such as ReviewInc, ask for detail such as:

“We’re happy that you chose our business for your needs. Reviews help us grow as a business. Please provide any helpful feedback (any examples, stories, or details) that give us a better understanding of how we did!”

Sometimes customers aren’t sure what to write or what would help you. Offering suggestions will hopefully prompt your customer to leave an excellent positive review.

We hope these suggestions will inspire ways to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews. Don’t get too discouraged if it takes time, because it will be well worth the time spent.