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Getting Reviews In The Right Places

Trust is the single most important tool a business can use to thrive. When a business builds a positive reputation, its likelihood for longevity skyrockets. But the manner in which businesses build this trust has changed. Today, your online reputation is just as important as your face-to-face interactions. While there are timeless review websites that have a record of popularity, it can be difficult to stand out among the noise. This is why ReviewInc emphasizes the value of industry-specific review sites.

By creating a trusted reputation within your specific niche, you can access customers that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to find your business. Today, we’ll not only learn what those websites are but also why developing a presence within them can be a game-changer for your business.

Why Are Reviews So Important For A Business?

If you’ve only begun your journey to learning online reputation management, here is your first piece of essential information: Online reviews are the new word of mouth. 88% of customers report that they trust an online review just as much as they would a personal recommendation by a friend or family member.

Building positive reviews online impacts not only how your business is received but also how much profit you could be making. There is evidence that some customers not only distrust but altogether avoid businesses with no reviews.

The Top Two Review Websites For Online Reputation Management

While industry-specific review sites are a common oversight for businesses growing their online reputation, that doesn’t mean that you have room to neglect the large ones. The proper way to successfully grow your reputation is by using both popular review sites and industry-specific ones in a strategic, two-pronged approach. The popular sites in question, of course, are Google and Facebook.

Google Reviews

Google reviews has been the most popular review platform for years, and this trend is likely to continue. In fact, over 80% of consumers check a business’s Google Reviews before deciding to visit it. This means, in short, that there’s no getting around the necessity of having a quality Google Business Profile.

Facebook Reviews

Though changes do happen with time, one certainly hasn’t; Facebook remains the world’s most popular social media platform in 2024, with a whopping 2.9 billion monthly active users. With a user base so expansive, it’s highly important that your business not only has a presence on the site but is also positively received.

The Importance of Niche: Introducing Industry-Specific Review Sites

As we stated, the two top review websites are an excellent starting point for building your online reputation. However, they’re far from the only way. Customers have begun to turn to industry-specific review websites for a more personalized experience. This also allows you to expand the digital footprint that your business possesses, reaching a market that you otherwise would’ve been invisible in. Let’s sort through some of the most popular industries and the review sites most closely associated with their markets.


Automotive Review Websites

The online reputation of the auto industry is one of the most important, as the industry itself has its fair share of non-legitimate offers, salespeople, and service providers. In order to reassure your consumer base that you have their best intentions in mind, you must have social proof to back it up. If that isn’t enough evidence that you need to build a positive reputation, businesses that have higher numbers of reviews often earn as much as 50% more revenue.

Some of the best car dealer and car repair review sites:

    • DealerRater: Specializes in dealership reviews, offering detailed information on dealers and employees.

    • One of the largest automotive listing sites featuring reviews for dealerships and cars.

    • CarGurus: Provides data-driven insights and considers dealer reputation in car deals.

    • Edmunds: Known for comprehensive car reviews and buying guides.

    • RepairPal: Focuses on auto repair shops, offering a Fair Price Estimator for transparency.

    • Carwise: Offers reviews for auto body repair shops, aiding in selecting quality repair services.


Doctor and Medical Review Sites

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of patients examine online reviews of a medical practice before making any decisions. This means that, as a medical practice, your online reputation is the very first impression that patients are exposed to.

If you think that number seems high, that’s because this is a semi-recent trend. In 2013, the same data source reported that only about 25% of patients consulted online reviews before seeking treatment. That means that in a span of seven years, patient reliance on online reviews skyrocketed by 46%, a number that will not go down any time soon.

Here are the most common specialized review sites for medical practices to keep yours ahead of the game:

    • Healthgrades: Offers detailed profiles and patient reviews of healthcare providers.

    • RateMDs: Enables patients to rate and review doctors and healthcare facilities.

    • ZocDoc: Facilitates online appointment booking and features patient reviews.

    • Vitals: Provides patient reviews and ratings for healthcare providers.


Home Improvement Review Websites

Home service providers work in their clients’ personal spaces, which are valued both financially and emotionally. Therefore, managing your online reputation is essential.

Clients can learn quite a bit about your business from reviews. They learn how punctual you are, whether or not you caused damage to the property, and details about your manner. Considering that one in five customers are willing to walk away after reading a review they deem bad enough, presenting yourself and your business in the best possible light is a near-guaranteed way to avoid a loss.

Here are some of the best industry-specific review sites for home service providers:

    • Angi (formerly Angie’s List): Specializes in reviews and ratings for home service providers.

    • HomeAdvisor: Connects homeowners with local service professionals for various projects.

    • NextDoor: A neighborhood-focused platform for recommending and reviewing local service providers.

    • Houzz: Dedicated to home improvement and interior design, featuring reviews for professionals.


Law Firm and Lawyer Review Sites

While your reputation in the courtroom will always be important, your online reputation as a law firm or lawyer is becoming increasingly imperative. In a Thomson Reuters survey, two-thirds of respondents said that they’d hire a lawyer with reviews over one without a digital footprint.

While older populations agree with this sentiment, this is especially important for those seeking young clients, as 81% of millennials expressed that they’d consult reviews before choosing their legal representation.

Some of the most common places to target positive lawyer reviews are:

    • Avvo: Allows clients to rate and review lawyers, offering peer reviews and detailed profiles.

    • Offers client reviews and ratings for attorneys and law firms.

    • Martindale-Hubbell:  Provides peer and client reviews for legal professionals.

    • FindLaw: Features reviews and profiles of lawyers and law firms.


Hospitality Review Websites

If there’s one industry that is entirely dominated by its online reputation, it’s hospitality. In fact, four out of ten travelers have decided to avoid a destination entirely due to reading bad reviews about the local accommodations and attractions.

Hospitality is also, unfortunately, highly saturated. 20% of hospitality-related businesses fail within their first year of opening. In this critical position, there is no choice other than to ensure that you are as accessible and positively received as possible.

The most popular hospitality specific review sites include:

    • TripAdvisor: Essential for reviews on hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

    • A key platform for hotel reviews and reservations.

    • Expedia: A major player in travel and hotel bookings, featuring extensive reviews.


Dental Review Sites

Much like doctors, reviews are also becoming important for those practicing dental care. In fact, the ADA Health Policy Institute found that 88% of dentists surveyed have been receiving an uptick in online reviews. If they’re receiving them, and your practice isn’t, this could mean that you risk following behind and appearing inexperienced to potential patients.

Below are a few of the most frequently used dental review sites:

    • Healthgrades: Provides detailed profiles and patient reviews of dental professionals.

    • RateMDs: Allows patients to rate and review dental professionals.

    • ZocDoc: Facilitates online appointment booking for dental professionals.

    • Vitals: Offers patient reviews and ratings for dental care providers.


Start Getting Reviews In Front Of Your Customers Today

Having quality online reviews is no longer something that is ‘nice to have’- It’s vital for all businesses that wish for continued growth and success. By understanding the importance of both popular and industry-specific review sites, businesses can strategically ask for feedback and enhance their online reputation.

With ReviewInc’s help, this process doesn’t have to be a headache. ReviewInc offers tools to help businesses effortlessly manage online reviews, making sure that their reputation shines brightly across all relevant platforms. Start getting your reviews in front of your specific customers today, and watch your business thrive!

Discover the power of targeted review sites and boost your business reputation.