Review Tip: Optimize Your Business Listings

We all want positive feedback, especially from our business listings and reviews. From our products to our personalities, our services to our skill sets, we want everyone to share, and hear good things about us, our businesses, our brands, and more. But like many things in life, sometimes, it’s all in the details.

When it comes to getting positive feedback online, stellar reviews are the product of a number of factors.

Giving customers a positive experience, and then encouraging them to share that experience, are key. And while it’s essential to have each of these components before your business can really expect positive reviews to start pouring in, there are also quite a few smaller steps that can help your business collect more customer feedback, drive more traffic, and boost search rankings too.

Just one of these small steps is making sure your business’ listings are working to their fullest potential.

Business listings are a great way to give your business powerful exposure online, so you can get seen by web users looking to leave, or find, reviews, and relevant information about your business.

Most businesses know that claiming a business listing can help you boost rankings and get found by new leads looking for your products and services online. But what many businesses forget, is that business listings can also help you get found by past or present customers looking to find more information or even leave a review about your business too.

In order to truly expand your online reach and enhance your online reputation, it’s not just enough to claim your business listings—they need to be correct and complete too.

While it may seem simple, and obvious, it’s essential that your business listings are always complete, up-to-date, accessible, and optimized if you want them to offer a platform for you to provide helpful information for customers and collect positive reviews in return.

Here are just a few tips that will help you get the most out of your business listings:

  • Include each local address, phone numbers, hours of operation, embed maps, and more.
  • Include your website’s URL.
  • Add high-quality videos or pictures of your products, services, or establishment wherever possible.
  • Strive to provide as much helpful, relevant information as you possibly can.
  • And always encourage customer reviews. Popular business listings—like Google Maps, Yelp, Yahoo! Local, Facebook, and more—are quickly indexed by major search engines, meaning having all the most relevant information and positive reviews present will only serve to help your rankings and boost your lead generation.