Guide to Dentist Reputation Management

dentist reputation management

In order to stay competitive in today’s changing landscape, dentist practices need to act proactively regarding dentist reputation management. 87% of people view online reviews as a trusted source of information in the US, according to a survey by DentaVox. They often check online for tips and opinions on dentists and are more likely to […]

How to Deal with Google’s Latest Changes to Rich Snippets and Your Reviews

Most businesses see Google as useful for driving relevant traffic to their website. Google announced a few weeks ago via their Webmaster Central blog that they will no longer be including star ratings in search results for local businesses or organizations in an effort to demote “self-serving” reviews as rich snippets. While this may be […]

Tips to Help your Leaders and Managers

be a better boss

Continuing the theme of Leadership, this week’s post will discuss the difference between leaders and managers. As a small business owner, having a great team of leaders and managers will boost your business and give you a competitive edge – not to mention, it will allow you to be a better boss. ReviewInc’s COO, Henri […]

Be a Leader – Tips for Small Business Owners

Be a good leader

Running your small business is tough, especially if you have a small team of employees that you rely on to keep your doors open. Building a rapport and maintaining that professional relationship with your employees is a necessity most business owners overlook or just plain don’t know how to go about being good at it. […]

Superbowl LIII: Marketing at its Finest

superbowl liii

Biggest Game of the Season As Superbowl LIII approaches this weekend, the tension is building between both teams. East vs. West. Patriots vs. Rams. Who will win? Or do you even care? There are those folks that watch the Superbowl for the sport itself and there are those that watch solely for the ads. Either […]

Start the New Year Right

ORM Software

For those of you that celebrated the Christmas holidays, you are probably feeling a sense of relief, especially if you have children. The countdown to close out 2018 and ring in 2019 is underway. With less than a week away to 2019, most business owners might be feeling the pressure to spend those marketing budget […]

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Small Business

Word of mouth is great, but the internet has proven to be greater. Information travels instantly and word of mouth has taken on a new face in terms of online reviews. There is no doubt that having an online presence and maintaining that presence is by far your best marketing tool. Customers are voicing their […]

Ding Dong, Google+ is Dead

Goodbye Google+, It’s Been Real Last week, Google made an announcement that they are shutting down the social networking consumer version of Google+ forever. It comes as no surprise when it was recently revealed to the Wall Street Journal that a security bug involving nearly 500,000 Google+ users’ personal data was exposed to third party […]

How To Maximize On Your Business Marketing Campaigns

Are you looking to promote your business online for free? Good news is, you can! In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of marketing methods which you can utilize to promote your business. Each business is unique so it’s necessary to test out which method works best for your business and scale to that. […]

White Label Software: A One-Stop-Shop

What is a White-Label? In general, white label branding (sometimes called “white labeling”) is a manufacturing and marketing practice in which a product or service is produced by one company and then rebranded by another company to make it appear to be their own. What are the Benefits of White-Label? There are more benefits than risks by adding […]