Superbowl LIII: Marketing at its Finest

superbowl liii
Biggest Game of the Season

As Superbowl LIII approaches this weekend, the tension is building between both teams. East vs. West. Patriots vs. Rams. Who will win? Or do you even care? There are those folks that watch the Superbowl for the sport itself and there are those that watch solely for the ads. Either way, you are certain to be entertained by the best marketing minds in the US.


Greatest Marketing Minds At Work

As the division champions prepare to battle for their biggest score of the season, brand giants prepare to battle as well. The Superbowl is the yearly “Olympics” for great marketing minds around the world. Tide and Alexa were the clear leaders for last years battle as they generated the most response than any of the other ads.

latest marketing trendsEye on the Trends

It will be interesting to see what will the trend be this year or what first’s we will encounter. For those that are small business owners, remember to keep your eyes out for the latest trends and what is “hot”. Watching the Superbowl will definitely give you more than just entertainment, it might even lend to some insight into the latest and greatest marketing minds of the world. Use the best latest trends towards your marketing campaigns and be sure to engage more customers.


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