Ding Dong, Google+ is Dead

Goodbye Google+, It’s Been Real

Last week, Google made an announcement that they are shutting down the social networking consumer version of Google+ forever. It comes as no surprise when it was recently revealed to the Wall Street Journal that a security bug involving nearly 500,000 Google+ users’ personal data was exposed to third party developers. Google admitted that they have known about the breach for months but waited to alert the public for fear of regulatory issues.

Wannabe Facebook

Initially, Google+ was a replacement for Google Buzz and Google Wave. Google’s attempt to make Google+ a social networking platform that sought to replicate the way people interact online much like Facebook and Twitter failed due to several reasons with its user interface and the fact that no one really used it. “Its user interface was counter intuitive and had tons of issues with notifications and the content I posted.  I’m curious to see if it will change anything for my enterprise account,” said Mimi Almond, a small business owner.


A Spectacular Fail

According to Google, out of an estimated 540 million user accounts, less than half visited more than once a month and out of those users who happened to visit Google+, 90% of the users spent less than five seconds on the platform. Clearly, it was a spectacular fail. On a bright note, for enterprise customers who use Google+, the company plans to keep the service alive for those who use it to facilitate conversations among co-workers.


10-Month Long Process

Google stated that it would take roughly 10-months to completely shut down, which gives users time to extract content and pics from the platform. Most will not even miss it, but there are those public speakers and key figures that have amassed millions of followers on Google+ to have them lost. It’s a shame it’s for naught.


Now What?

Social Media is a powerful tool and when it’s used properly, it can be magnificent. Just look at Facebook’s 2 billion users, using the platform for business only makes sense. There is no doubt that the digital age will come with its trials and errors, but mastering social networking is vital. Look to ReviewInc for your social media marketing campaigns that will help your online business reputation and increase your reviews and ranking. Call today for a FREE Reputation Report of your business.