3 Review Trends You Need to Know About

3 Review Trends You Need to Know About for Your Business

3 Review Trends You Need To Know Let’s start with the basics: what is an online review, and why is it Important to know current review trends?  Reviews are a great way to get feedback from your customers. Reviews are critical because they are the first thing potential customers see when they visit your site.  […]

Top 5 Review Management Mistakes to Avoid

negative review management

Every business owner needs to manage their online reputation, and whether it’s by using review management software or manually working, it’s a significant step to protecting their online presence. Lots of these are common mistakes but can create long-term damage to your business and brand. The good news is these are easily avoidable and take […]

What are the Top 5 Customer Review Sites?

There are thousands of review sites out there for every kind of business. Over the years, the industry has grown enormously. It’s often hard to keep track of every review. However, some review sites deserve more attention as they bring the most traffic and viewership. We’re going to rate the top customer review sites based […]

Is the 5 Star Rating System Accurate?

is star rating system accurate?

Star rating systems are the basis for gauging whether to buy a product or use a service for many consumers, but are they accurate? It’s become the staple research we do when making any purchase decision, making it imperative for companies to manage their online reviews, but does that still make sense? Some businesses are […]

Best Advertising Channel in 2020

Over the last eight years, ReviewInc has conducted annual surveys of consumers asking, “When choosing a service or professional what is most important?” Over 24,000 respondents in total have confirmed that Review Sites are still the most critical to selecting a service such as a doctor, mechanic, plumber, attorney, etc. In between 2015 and 2020, […]

Most Trusted Review Sites 2019

As a small business, it is important to market your business in order to find new customers. One great form of marketing is online reviews. Research shows that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. We are finding each year the number of people that use review sites just grows.  Moreover, […]

How to Manage Your Reputation and Stay HIPAA Compliant

healthcare industry

For the healthcare industry, a better online reputation can get more patients in the door can even help to avoid malpractice. Here are some best practices that all healthcare professionals should know about managing their online reputation and remaining fully HIPAA Compliant. A doctor in a competitive field could lose patients if they have bad […]

New Consumers Survey Results Are Shocking (2019)

Best Ad Channel 2019

Over the past seven years, ReviewInc conducted strategic yearly studies of U.S. Consumers asking them what they sought out most before selecting a business, service or product. With over 20,000 respondents in total: Review Sites are still the most critical to the purchase decision. In fact, between 2013 and 2019, a huge leap of 10% proved that […]

What NOT To Do On Social Media

online reviews social media

For those businesses that are hip to using social media as a major marketing tool, chances are, over time, you have found what works and what doesn’t. Social Media Marketing is not a new topic anymore and business have found a way to optimize their presence. This blog isn’t about what you are doing right, […]

Guest Blog: A New Voice on How to Handle Negative Reviews

From Fortune 500 companies to family-owned shops, online reviews have given consumers a powerful new voice and potential customers an inside look. Yet, owners often complain that their businesses are mischaracterized and wonder how to handle negative reviews. A Window On the World of Customer Experiences A review provides a window on the world of […]