Online Reputation Management Tools for Marketing

We all know the importance of online reputation management tools in growing reviews for our businesses. Did you know that you can use positive customer reviews to help create amazing marketing materials?

People are responsive to word of mouth, and seeing testimonials from previous customers is effective marketing.

online reputation management tools
Reviews are great online reputation management tools that can be converted into testimonials on a business website.

Website Content

Incorporating reviews on your website is a perfect way to showcase good feedback from your customers. Your website is the online presence for your website and an ideal place to use reviews as online reputation management tools. 

You can use reviews to highlight the best aspects of your business and place them on the front page. For website content, companies will often put them at the top for a better view. Sometimes people use a “carousel view” where testimonials automatically rotate through several snapshots. It works well because you can grab someone’s attention will multiple positive testimonials and lead to new customers.

Online Reputation Management Software such as ReviewInc allows reviews from review sites such as Google and Facebook to be displayed as testimonials on business websites automatically. To learn more about ReviewInc, request a demo.

Landing Pages

If you are not sure how to incorporate positive reviews into your website content, try using them as testimonials for a landing page.

Landing pages are used to convert information, often a sale or newsletter subscribe, and to prompt a reaction from the reader.

Landing pages are typically short and meant to pop up quickly. Having testimonials is perfect because they’re short but capture the essence of your business. People cannot avoid landing pages and will have to see them if they go to your website.

Try incorporating reviews to your next landing pages and see if the numbers convert.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your audience. Emphasizing feedback in email messages not only builds credibility but gives potential customers an idea of expectations and about your business. 

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is one of the best mediums to advertise your business. 84% of people rely on reviews online as much as their friends in real life. You can use snippets or full-length reviews for social media posts or paid campaign ads. 

Social media is a channel you can use to interact with reviews. People can comment or ask questions based on the review. For campaigns, you can switch the review weekly or monthly. However, you can display reviews through social media and can help attract new clients. 

review management tool
Turning reviews into video content is a great way to leverage reputation management for marketing.

Video Content

Another creative way to incorporate positive reviews is to use them within video content. You may need extra assistance, but you can place reviews in front of video content.

People are heavily influenced by video content for marketing. In fact, according to, statistics show: “89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI” and “83% of video marketers say video helps them with lead generation.” When you have this much traffic because of video content, it’s ideal to use positive reviews or testimonials.

Using reviews as your video strategy can help convert into customers. With simple video editing software or an online video editor, you can incorporate review into video marketing.

Start leveraging your online reputation and use feedback from positive reviews to help market your business. Any of these techniques will leverage the testimonials you have from happy customers.