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With our Testimonial Widget, you can turn both public and private feedback from Google and Facebook into social proof of your business’s exceptional customer service. With all of ReviewInc’s Testimonials Widgets, the colors, size, and the position of text and containers are customizable. Here are some of the ways customer reviews can be displayed on your business website:

Single Column

The Single Column Testimonials Widget is fully customizable with the ability to change the text color, container color, position of information such as name, city, etc, and so much more!


The Multi-Column Testimonials Widget can display up to eight columns depending on the size of your screen and website.


The Crossfade Testimonials Widget transitions between reviews. The animation of the widget is fully customizable.


The Carousel Testimonials Widget displays reviews with a sliding animation. The speed, text, and container colors are all customizable.

Floating Bubble

The Floating Bubble Testimonials Widget allows reviews to be displayed at the bottom of the screen, perfect for smart phones or other small screens.


The Mini-Feed Testimonials Widget is now auto-scrolling between reviews so you can show off the feedback and build trust! The speed of the scroll is customizable.

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