Marketing Strategy: 4 Perks of Using Testimonial Videos

Woman leaving a testimonial video on a cell phone

Should you incorporate positive customer reviews and testimonial videos into your marketing strategy? Videos that highlight real customer stories enhance credibility, build trust, and can have a tremendous impact by bringing more prospective customers to your business. Not only does video have a greater emotional impact, but it also has a longer lifespan and a greater reach than plain text marketing. Research from HubSpot reveals that 66% of consumers engage with video content (product demonstrations, reviews, FAQs, and unboxing sessions) to learn about brands and products. What are the benefits of using testimonial videos? How do businesses obtain the videos and images they need for marketing?

1. Shaping and Controlling the Narrative

Providing high-quality products or services and highlighting success stories is a sound marketing strategy. However, it is difficult to control online reviews, even with daily monitoring and responding to customer feedback. Highlighting satisfied customer stories on your website and social media with client testimonial videos is highly effective in putting the best message forward to potential customers.

2.  Engage Your Audience

Use video testimonials to build emotional connections and keep visitors on your site. Videos engage your audience in a way that goes beyond written reviews, making a real connection between your brand and your clients. Authentic content can create a lasting impact and enhance the overall engagement on your site.

3.  Elevate Real Use Cases

By creating customer video testimonials, you not only bring your products or services to life but also open avenues for engagement. Viewers can like, share, and comment, fostering meaningful connections that build brand reputation and a loyal customer base. Video testimonials are engaging, making them a powerful way to stay connected with existing customers and cultivate new business relationships. Illustrate the genuine impact of your business, showcasing how your products and services make a difference in customers’ lives and emphasizing the positive change your brand consistently brings.

4.  Reach a Wider Audience

Viewers of video testimonials are more likely to retain the message and share it with others than a written review. At least 62% of Google searches return a video result, which can put your business ahead of the competition and result in more views. Video content is also 50 times more likely to be displayed on the first page of organic page ranks over plain text results. Using video testimonials is a very effective marketing strategy to boost your rankings.

How to Create Engaging Video TestimonialsWoman leaving a video testimonial using ReviewInc

One of the best ways to find the stars of your next customer testimonial video is to use your existing positive reviews and regular customers who are excited about their experience with your business. With ReviewInc’s review monitoring software, you can easily request video testimonials from your customers to include in your marketing campaigns.

The process is simple. ReviewInc software enables your customers to upload testimonial videos that they create with their own smartphones.

It works like this:

  1. Email or text the customer a video review request.
  2. The customer films a brief video (1-2 minutes) of themselves talking about their experience with your business.
  3. The customer uploads their video to ReviewInc’s portal. On the submission form, the customer can also add a star rating and a short comment that can be included with the posted video.
  4. Add the videos to ReviewInc’s website widgets, use them in social media posts, or incorporate them into other marketing strategies.
Image testimonial example with a star rating and reviewYour customers can also send in image testimonials, which can be submitted through the same form used for video uploads. Image testimonials consist of a static photo taken by the customer, along with a rating and comment about their experience with your business.
Customer testimonials are powerful tools in today’s marketing landscape, and ReviewInc makes it easy to collect them with minimal effort on your part. Need help getting started? Schedule a demo.