Holiday Marketing Tips To Get More Reviews

Holiday Marketing Tips

The holiday season is upon us and as consumers we tend to see many businesses harness the momentum that comes with the season of giving. Business owners should look for opportunities that will drive sales and bring customers in the door – ultimately gaining more online reviews. Here are some marketing tips to maximize on the holidays and give your business a boost.

Offer Coupons

Everyone likes to get a deal, especially during the holidays when competition is fierce. Offer coupons for customers to get the best value for their money spent. 12 days of Christmas is one way to engage customers and generate repeat business.

FREE Samples

One of the most powerful and persuasive words in the English language is the word “free”. People are drawn to getting something for nothing, or at least the illusion of that. By offering a free product or service, you will attract more consumers to try out your business.

Donate/Partner with a Local Charity

An excellent way to show that your business is a pinnacle in the community is to donate and partner with local charities. By bringing awareness to community issues and proving a helping hand to further charitable goals, your business will benefit in more ways than one.

holiday marketing guideContest/Giveaways

A great marketing tip are giveaways. Millennial’s love contests, especially since they are glued to their phones and will likely engage a product and service online before they walk into a store. By offering contests or giveaways via social media, you will drive traffic to your online presence and generate more sales.


FREE Shipping during holidays

If you have a physical product, most businesses are offering FREE Shipping during the holidays. It is important to stay competitive, so to keep up with the Joneses’, provide FREE Shipping for customers that purchase from your business.

Gift Baskets

To cater to the last-minute shoppers and those that appreciate paying a premium for ease, a great marketing tip are gift baskets. Gift baskets are a great way to generate sales. Also, women are more likely to purchase gift baskets and know that custom baskets make excellent gifts. Another reason why women buy more gift baskets than men is that wives, mothers and girlfriends often assume the responsibility of buying the gift so make sure to make your baskets pretty! Good luck and happy holidays!

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