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Monitor Your Online Reputation

Nearly half of consumers will research your business online before deciding to buy from you. And people value the opinions of their peers. 9 out of 10 people say web reviews influence their purchasing decisions.

Google, Facebook, and Industry Review Sites

Why They’re Important:  Reviews on trusted platforms boost your brand’s visibility, credibility, and SEO, influencing potential customers’ buying decisions.

How We Help: Our platform integrates effortlessly with key sites, enabling you to manage and monitor reviews easily, ensuring your online reputation remains strong.

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Real-Time Alerts and Updates

Why They’re Important:  Real-time alerts keep you informed, enabling prompt feedback response and issue resolution, enhancing customer satisfaction and preventing problems from escalating.

How We Help: We deliver instant notifications for reviews and mentions, ensuring you can react quickly and manage your online reputation with ease, fostering positive customer relationships.

Detailed Reporting

Why It’s Important: Comprehensive reports offer insights into your online reputation, revealing key trends and opportunities for growth, essential for strategic decision-making.

How We Help: We tailor reports to each user, offering in-depth analysis and AI-generated summaries, ensuring actionable insights that fit your needs and business strategy.

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Collect More Positive Reviews

Positive reviews build trust and enhance your business's online presence, with most consumers trusting them as much as personal recommendations. Collecting positive feedback boosts your credibility and improves search engine rankings, increasing your visibility to potential customers.

Focused Review Requests

Why They’re Important: Focused requests make sure your review invitations are seen by the intended audience at just the right moment, increasing the regularity and number of your reviews.

How We Help: Choose from pre-built, adaptable templates or create fully customized requests that perfectly match your brand’s voice.

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AI-assisted Review Requests and Replies

Why It’s Important: AI enhances communication, offering tailored replies for relevant and personal customer feedback, saving time without losing the personal touch.

How We Help: Use our AI tools to build a response library and automate replies for various review types. AI helps customers write impactful reviews with relevant keywords, boosting SEO and positive impact.

QR Codes and NFC Tags

Why They’re Important: QR codes and NFC tags offer customers a fast, contactless way to leave reviews, encouraging immediate sharing of their experiences.

How We Help: Streamline feedback collection with custom QR codes and NFC tags, guiding customers effortlessly to your preferred review sites—no complex integration needed. Capture their insights even before they leave.

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Amplify Your Online Presence

By broadening your reach, you can attract more customers, engage with a wider audience, and ultimately, drive more business. Enhancing your visibility boosts trust and credibility among potential customers.

Multi-platform Review Sharing

Why It’s Important: Sharing reviews across multiple social channels widens your reach and showcases your reputation where it matters most.

How We Help: Our scheduling system allows you to organize your content calendar and effortlessly share your best reviews on crucial platforms to engage and expand your audience.

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Social Media Engagement Tools

Why They’re Important: Actively engaging on social media enhances customer relationships and keeps you on top of trends, boosting your brand’s approachability and presence.

How We Help: The platform alerts you to new comments, enables AI-driven content creation, and monitors social media trends to boost engagement and broaden your digital footprint.

Testimonials Widgets

Why They’re Important: Testimonial widgets provide real, relatable proof of your service quality, enhancing credibility and customer confidence.

How We Help: We help you set up and personalize testimonial widgets for your website. Easily add customer videos and photos to showcase real success stories directly to potential customers.

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Communicate to Navigate Customer Interactions

Seamless and personalized communication via email, text, and web forms keeps your customers engaged and satisfied, enhancing their overall experience and fostering stronger connections. Effective interaction establishes trust and rapport with your audience

Email And Text Messaging

Why It’s Important: Two-way communication fosters a dialogue between you and your customers, making them feel heard and valued. Automated messages ensure consistent contact while saving time.

How We Help: We provide tools for two-way email and text interactions, enhancing conversations. Our system also automates routine messages, ensuring timely and efficient communication with your customers.

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Contactless check in business review management

Contactless Check-In

Why It’s Important: Streamlining the entry process reduces wait times, making visits more pleasant and efficient. This modern approach to service can significantly improve client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

How We Help: We make check-in easy by sending links via email and text, and by using QR codes and NFC tags. These methods boost efficiency while keeping interactions simple and quick.

Web-based Forms

Why They’re Important: Digital forms keep your business modern and accessible, ensuring seamless interactions for all your customers.

How We Help: We offer customizable web-based contact and onboarding forms, making it easier for your customers to connect with you and smoothly start their journey with your business.

Online reputation management website contact forms

Your Online Review Management Software Solution

ReviewInc’s reputation management software seamlessly integrates with over 600 review sites, ensuring extensive coverage. Effortlessly monitor and respond to reviews from a unified, user-friendly platform.

At ReviewInc, we prioritize your security. Our software includes advanced security features like full data encryption and double-encrypted passwords to ensure your information remains protected.

You can customize our dashboard with various filters, allowing you to easily access the data that’s most relevant to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Review management involves monitoring and responding to customer reviews posted online about your brand. This includes dedicated review sites like Trustpilot as well as Google reviews and social media channels.

Every company, regardless of size, should manage their online reviews. This means actively monitoring and responding to all reviews, good and bad. It’s especially important to respond to negative reviews. It demonstrates to the negative reviewer and to potential customers that you care about customer feedback and are willing to make things right.

Without question, managing your online reviews matters. Three out of four customers expect you to respond to a negative review—and provide a solution. But there’s a silver lining when it comes to negative reviews.

Customers look for bad reviews to learn about a company’s weaknesses and see where they could improve. If they see negative feedback about a business—but it seems minor—it can actually make the researcher feel assured.

What’s more, most people are skeptical of perfect or near-perfect ratings. It just seems too good to be true. So, even though it’s somewhat paradoxical, a negative review here and there might actually make prospects more likely to do business with you.

Yes. According to one study, many consumers (aged 18 – 24) expected to see more than 200 reviews about a product they were searching for online.

Managing online reviews is a multi-step process that involves monitoring reviews, responding to both negative and positive reviews, generating more reviews, and showcasing positive reviews (i.e., on your website).

To manage reviews effectively, you need a plan. This is where online review management software can be a huge help. A well-designed service will notify you when reviews come in on different platforms and help you respond to reviews and solicit new ones.

Businesses are getting clever about where, when, and how they ask their customers for reviews. Here are just some of the many ways to solicit reviews from your customers:

  1. Via SMS text or email
  2. Through social media
  3. Over the phone
  4. In person
  5. Through an in-store device
  6. On a receipt or invoice
  7. Via chatbot
  8. On signage

Review management software can help you solicit more reviews—and time your asks optimally.

The short answer is, maybe. Many review sites explicitly prohibit offering incentives for reviews. This includes Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. It’s important to read through the review platform’s policy guidelines before offering incentives, even seemingly benign ones, like small discounts.

Offering incentives for reviews can actually hinder customer trust, so think carefully about whether you want to go this route. Read more about the pros and cons of review incentives.

By far the most important thing a potential customer looks for when considering whether to do business with a company are good reviews. Prospects also look for high star ratings, newer reviews, and responses from business owners.

To a lesser extent, people look for whether a reviewer is named, rather than anonymous. They also look for photos of the product or service, and whether a reviewer made a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. The verdict: Getting a regular inflow of positive reviews/high star ratings and responding to reviews is vital.

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