What Americans are Doing During COVID-19 and How to Help Local Businesses

Baking bread, gardening, videoconferencing, binge-watching are some of the popular activities we’ve been seeing on social media and news coverage as people stay inside. We were curious to see what people have been doing during a nearly global pandemic, so we took a survey. We ask 500 U.S. Consumers the following question:

During COVID-19, what activity are you doing more of?

covid 19

What is interesting is that this was an open-ended survey where people could write in their answers. Most people, surveyed in the United States, answered that they are staying home more (7.9%) with makes sense with the popular shelter-in-place order.

Many of the other answers were quite colorful, and have been illustrated in this word cloud:

covid-19 activities

The second majority of people are working more (7.7%). Interestingly, when responses were not grouped by synonym, the most common answer was reading (5.2%)/ The current trend is working from home in the United States, which may mean more time to read emails. In accordance with this, our data is showing that email open rates on our feedback responses haven risen to over 50% in April 2020. This is an unprecedented great time to ask for online reviews and feedback since most people are at home looking for possible distractions in email.

During this time, we are encouraging businesses to keep in touch using tools such as social media, email and online reputation management software such as ReviewInc. One of the best ways people can support small businesses who are struggling is through writing reviews, as it does not cost anything. Writing reviews is also an act of good will during uncertain times. Reviews are also great material for marketing through social media, as testimonials on a business website and more. Repurposing them is a great way to provide value.

covid-19 activities graph

Many small businesses are getting creative and adding personal touches as they communicate with customers through social media, email, and surveys. Everyone is doing what they can help small businesses nowadays and we recommend that you focus on writing reviews as it is one of the easiest ways to do so.

The best way to manage all these written reviews is through an online reputation management software such as ReviewInc. To get a free live demo, visit this page and fill out the form.