Best Ways to Engage Your Customers For Maximum Response

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Most business owners know about online reviews and the importance of getting them, but usually overlook the fact that there are over 600 review sites out there. While spending a budget on attaining new customers, very few owners know how to utilize their online reputation, which includes online reviews. Online reviews are free advertising for your business and often times will display the quality of your business. Your customers and their feedback is vital to the growth of your business, and to engage your customers via surveys are a great way to get more reviews and customer feedback about your business.

Master the Art of Pre-suasion

Marketing guru Robert Cialdini, in his book Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade, discusses the most persuasive format to influence people into giving you a review. He did a study that asked participants to respond to a request for a review and found that only 29% of the participants agreed to give the review. However, in a separate set of participants, the following question preceded the main question. Participants were first asked this simple question, “Do you consider yourself a helpful person?”

By asking the preceding question, participation jumped to 77%! The term Pre-suasion describes the process of gaining agreement with a message before it’s sent. The idea is to warm up and engage your customer before asking them to review your business and provide feedback.

Have a trophy box? You should.

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You should still be promoting your happy customer experiences on all your social channels, even if you aren’t using Facebook ads currently. People are more inclined to Like your page, or follow your business on Twitter, when they see how you take care of your customers, and once they become fans, they’re much more likely to become customers.

Show Off! It Helps Your Reputation

Potential customers like to see credibility. A great way to achieve that is to feature testimonials and reviews about your business on every page of your website, especially the vital pages like Pricing, Forms, and the Check Out pages. There is power in positioning your best testimonials on key pages to boost your call-to-action buttons and increase the likelihood of new customers and repeat customers.

go live on instagramGo Live

With Instagram and Facebook and its billions of users, utilize every aspect of social media for free. Yes, paid ads work, however, why not optimize on what you can get for free. Going live with and for your followers is a great way to promote a new product or service and create a buzz. By maximizing your social media platforms, customers will see a bigger picture than you can paint with just a regular website.

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