Healthcare Platforms-Advice For Choosing a Doctor

Health is something we can all relate to. We exercise, try to get at least 7 hours of sleep and attempt to eat well – all in the name of health. Some people take their health into their own hands by becoming a drill sergeant, but for the rest of us, we put managing our health in the hands of the professionals that have the training to give us proper advice and are reviewed by healthcare platforms

Referrals from Trusted Sources Only

Most of us consider “trust” a major factor when deciding to take advice. If we take the advice of those who are not trustworthy, we often end up in trouble. A recent survey conducted by our survey gurus here at ReviewInc asked 700 US consumers What Matters When Choosing a Doctor. Close to 45% of respondents said that a recommendation from a friend or family member would be biggest factor when choosing a doctor. Taking the advice of those we trust is a theme that carries onto all industries.

Where are People Looking?

With popular review platforms such as ZocDoc and Yelp, potential patients are searching online about how other patients’ experiences have been with doctors. Online reviews about doctors are often overlooked by healthcare professionals and frankly disregarded.

Looking more closely on these healthcare platforms ZocDoc and DocPlanner, online reviews, comments and average star ratings have been ignored and are not managed well. Majority of the reviews – especially the problematic ones are wreaking damage and lowering star ratings drastically.

These problems should never go unanswered and unresolved. Much like how diseases probably shouldn’t go untreated, online reviews have the potential to wreak havoc if left “untreated”.

Other Factors to Consider

There are other factors to consider such as referrals from your current doctor in the event you need a specialist. Often times insurance companies will give you a list of doctors that is within their network for you to choose from. In any case, picking the right doctor to manage your health is the key.

Healthcare Professionals – This Applies to You

Your practice is at risk if you are not properly managing your online reviews. You could spend countless

hours scouring the internet on healthcare platforms looking for reviews from disgruntled patients and try to resolve them individually, or you could be notified immediately when there is a problem that could cause damage and injure your practice.

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