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As children, most of us were trained to think that aspiring to be perfect – especially in sports or academics is what you were supposed to do. Getting straight A’s or the blue ribbon in the science fair was celebrated and still is. Even looking at the Olympics as an example, a perfect score gets you a medal in most cases. Winning is the key. In the world of your online reputation, perfect star rating is not always a good thing.

Your Online Reputation and Star Rating

According to one of our prior studies, 88% of US consumers will read reviews and look at a business’s star rating before making a purchase decision–which is why your online business reputation is so important to monitor and maintain. Here are some more stats from Customers are looking to connect the quality of the business through reviews. They want to mitigate their risk in their purchase decision and see sentiment and content about your company. This important fact poses the question – what does your online reputation need to look like to get more business?

Which Star Rating Looks Best?

A recent survey conducted by our survey gurus here at ReviewInc found something very interesting when it comes to a business’s star rating and what is most trusted. Out of 3,417 US consumers of all ages, the respondents were asked: Which Rating Do You Trust Most? These graphics were presented to the survey respondents and this is what we found.


29.7% of US consumers trusted a 4.7-star rating versus a perfect 5.0-star rating. The perfect is not always perfect statement applies. Customers are more discerning about reviews and if it looks too good to be true, the assumption is it usually is.

Gender Bias on “Perfect” Star Rating

It’s interesting to note that when looking at gender in this survey, women tended to go with a perfect 5.0-star rating 30.1% of the time, while men chose a 4.7-star rating 29.6% of the time. Maybe women are more easily influenced by perfect than men are?

In this digital age, with information traveling at light speeds, it’s impossible to ignore your online reputation. So, what does it need to look like? Customers want to see that your business is “real” by how you treat your customers. Positive reviews show just that. Negative reviews, on the other hand, show how you handle problems with customers. Address every review so that your customers see that you care about their experience and are eager to solve their problems. A solid star rating will increase with your proactive approach to all reviews.

Needle in a Haystack

Good customer service is not necessarily easy. You could hire an army of customer service specialists that can respond to each and every problem on multiple platforms, but with over 600 review sites, you run the risk of not catching every problem and it takes too much time–almost like a haystack. What are your chances of finding that needle? Or you could automate the process with the industry’s best review management software system and increase your probability of catching every needle that may poke a hole in your online business reputation.


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