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Fake Reviews – Latest News You Should Know

By July 24, 2018November 18th, 2019Fake Reviews

There is a built-in tendency to second guess what we see on the internet. With the skepticism that comes with information that can be placed online by anyone – no matter their expertise, we battle with the authenticity of what we see. Without sounding too much like Morpheus from the Matrix – What is real? With fake reviews it can be hard to tell.

Fake Reviews

In the world of online reviews, there has been a re-emphasis on what has always been a concern–fake reviews. Unethical businesses have been known to “buy” reviews from non-customers to increase their star rating or their overall online reputation. This form of false “marketing” is by far, one of the lowest forms of trickery a business can use for the simple fact – it’s not real.

Combat the Problem

In May of 2018, Google culled nearly 50,000 “anonymous” reviews. This was not the first time Google dumped a bunch of anonymous ‘google user’ reviews, it was also done five years ago—all in a continued effort to combat fake reviews.

Credibility Over All

Although your Google My Business (GMB) listing will have fewer reviews, they will be posted by a verified user, which helps retain more credibility.

Get More Reviews

Unfortunately, some of your anonymous reviews may have actually been legitimate (if not—shame on you!). Regardless, it may be time to get more reviews. There are many manual approaches you can use, but you may wish to consider automating the process.


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