JD Powers Automotive Survey Asks About Reviews

Have you heard of the research company JD Powers?

As we all know, online reviews are quite important. But it looks like a prominent marketing research firm is taking notice.

Have you recently bought or leased a new car?  You probably received dozens of questionnaires about the dealer, the car, or the service department.  In a recent survey from JD Powers, it appears that Yelp and Google reviews are of great interest.

How do you select a facility for servicing your vehicle?

What review sites do you use to help select a dealership service facility?

While companies like these are only now starting to notice the importance of online reviews, it is something that we have been well aware of for quite some time now.

It is interesting that a traditional research company like JD Powers is evolving and adapting to newer methods by asking if people read reviews before selecting a dealership.

Another example of an older marketing method evolving to today’s strategies is the simple fact of various Yellow Pages companies having an online presence.

If these companies did not believe in the power of online reviews or at least being open to other methods that may yield better results, then they would stick to their original business model.

We recognize the importance of staying on the cutting edge of web promotion tools, which is why that is something we do here at ReviewInc.

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