Rewarding Your Server for Good Service

Last week, one of our very own staff members here at ReviewInc noticed a couple of very interesting things during a restaurant visit.

One, the restaurant was utilizing old iPhones as part of their server payment books.

Phone Paybook

Two, she noticed that at the bottom of her receipt, there was a little note asking customers to leave a review in an effort to help their server for that evening win a trip to Disneyland.


Many restaurants have often struggled to find creative ways to ask their customers to leave them reviews, so we find it fascinating when we see creative ways that some come up with.

Using our service, you can better re-purpose old iPhones and other smartphones. Our service can also help you get exposure to reviews on more sites than just Yelp. We also offer much more such as social media, testimonials, QR Codes, Table cards, posters, “rate us” buttons, and forms on your website.

Aside from asking via a note on the receipt or a mobile tablet onsite, what are some creative ways that you think restaurants can use to capture reviews from their customers?

Email us with your ideas at [email protected] and we’ll feature our favorite one right here on our blog. The winner will also receive a $75 Amazon Gift Card!

The fine print: Must be an existing ReviewInc client to participate. The last submission will be accepted on Friday, December 19 at 5 P.M. Pacific Time.