Taxi Driver Leaves Scathing Reviews of His Own Passengers

We are all very familiar with the online review process. You visit a business. You either receive great or terrible customer service. Depending on how passionate you are about the level of customer service you received (or conversely, did not receive), you then perhaps choose to write an online review to share your experience with the general public. And sometimes the review is scathing. 

But what about the business providing the service? Aren’t they entitled to write reviews too in the online review process?

Taxi driver Richard Evans seems to think so. Last week, it was revealed that he posted scathing reviews about a handful of his passengers to his Twitter page. As of last week, he had 1,800 Twitter followers.

“No tip – tight a***,” one tweet read.

In yet another tweet, Evans compared one of his passengers to the cartoon character Shrek, due to his size and build.

They’re not all terrible, though.

One read, “50p tip, keep the change, nice guy.”

Some of the tweets even included photos.

The tweets and photos have all since been deleted.

When asked, Evans defended his actions insisting that it was ‘just a bit of fun.

He said, “Yes I took pictures of four or five customers with my comments for friends to see. It was all just a joke.”

And added, “I apologize if anyone has been upset. I value all my customers and I want them to be happy.”

According to our guidelines on negative reviews, Evans acted accordingly, apologizing for his offensive behavior. Do you have a similar review story? Feel free to share with us at [email protected]