Horror Stories of Marketing Fails You Can Learn From

As some of you are celebrating Halloween – the holiday filled with ghosts, goblins and candy, this week’s blog is themed to fit the season. A lot can be learned from horror stories about businesses making marketing fails. Here are some of the worst marketing fails that anyone can learn from. Tasteless Marketing Fails For […]

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Small Business

Word of mouth is great, but the internet has proven to be greater. Information travels instantly and word of mouth has taken on a new face in terms of online reviews. There is no doubt that having an online presence and maintaining that presence is by far your best marketing tool. Customers are voicing their […]

Healthcare Platforms-Advice For Choosing a Doctor

Health is something we can all relate to. We exercise, try to get at least 7 hours of sleep and attempt to eat well – all in the name of health. Some people take their health into their own hands by becoming a drill sergeant, but for the rest of us, we put managing our […]

15 Facts About Online Reviews For Small Business Owners

potential customer

Keeping up with the trends is what keeps your brand and your business afloat and valuable to your potential customer. Let’s face it, those that do, succeed and those that don’t – well you already know. Look at Madonna – the mega superstar for example. She has continued to reinvent herself, her brand, her music, […]

Management Software for Review Sites

The internet has taken over every part of our lives. It helps us connect with friends and family while providing information, access and entertainment. But one surprising thing that has happened in the past several years is the aggregated knowledge and wisdom that are review sites. Yes, a lot of us ask a friend here […]

Lincoln’s Anonymous Review

In the history of flaming negative reviews, one stands out as a pivotal moment. Through the pseudonym “Rebecca” in 1842, a young Abraham Lincoln wrote a letter that was published in the Sangamo Journal, criticizing the Illinois State Auditor, James Shields (a copy of the entire letter is included at the end of this article). […]

Asking for Bad Reviews?

Should business owners be required to ask unhappy or angry customers to put a review on review sites like Yelp/Google+? Old fashioned bulletin boards with notes from customers have become more of a novelty. They have been replaced with testimonials on websites that are indexed by search engines.  Many businesses like to showcase their happy […]

Is Charging Your Customers $500 per Bad Review Ethical?

It has recently come to light that a New York Hotel (Union Street Guest House in Hudson, New York) has a clause etched into its contract stating that: “[There] will be a $500 fine that will be deducted from your deposit for every negative review of USGH placed on any internet site by anyone in your […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Responding to Negative Reviews

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Has your business received negative reviews? Criticism is a part of life, and often it can be helpful even when it’s a little hard to handle.  But when this criticism is online for the entire world to see—suddenly it stops seeming so constructive. Luckily, even when bad or negative reviews happen that can’t be edited […]