Contactless Check In for Doctors’ Offices

Connect with patients safely using secure, touchless healthcare software that provides peace of mind.

Some benefits of Communicate from Reviewinc:

  • Safe contactless healthcare check in system for doctors’ offices
  • Two-way communication throughout the patient visit
  • Patients can upload pictures of their health condition or important insurance documents on a secure server

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As the world opens again after COVID-19, many are finally reaching out to their doctors to schedule essential medical procedures.

Since doctors’ offices and hospitals see so many sick people, it can be challenging for all patients to feel safe on-premises.  A report published by InstaMed found that 78% of consumers want contactless options to remain in the future.

What are the challenges of healthcare check in of patients?

  • Too much paperwork
  • Sometimes patients need to submit documents with sensitive information
  • Need to screen patients for COVID-19 and other illness symptoms
  • Updates and reminders take time and attention to detail
  • Asking for feedback or public reviews after a visit is cumbersome
contactless check in for patients

How can ReviewInc’s Communicate automate communication with patients?

Check In and Notify are Communicate’s customizable tools including interactive web-based forms, emails, and text messages that healthcare professionals can use to collect sensitive documents, screen pictures of symptoms, send appointment updates to patients and more!

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Here’s how Communicate can help with patients…

healthcare check in

Screen Patients Before Appointments

After scheduling an appointment with a doctor’s office, patients can use Check In before they arrive to answer screening questions (such as for COVID-19 or the flu).

Contactless healthcare Check In

Automate Notification Updates

Healthcare professionals can receive text messages when a patient has checked in and send messages with a room number patients can enter.

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Secure Document Submissions

Patients can submit sensitive documents on a secure server by taking a picture with their phone before arriving on-site to save time.

Automated Review Requests

After the patient leaves, asking for public reviews can be automated so they can share their great customer experience with new patients.

What are the benefits of Notify?

Contactless Check In

Touchfree form can be filled out ahead of time or on a smartphone to avoid touching bacteria-laden screens, pens, or paper

QR Codes Available
Customers can Check In from their own smartphone without physical contact

Embed Check In From Website
Can also embed Check In to hospital website with easy copy/paste HTML

Kiosk Mode
Kiosk mode available to be set up on a tablet or kiosk at the hospital

Secure Transfer
Exchange information and documents electronically on a secure server to remain HIPAA compliant

Automated Notifications
Automated Notifications can send appointment reminders and exam room locations

One Portal Communication
Communicate with customers and employees via email and text messages from one portal

Automated Review Requests
Can automatically request public reviews with timed delay to improve business ratings online

Multi-Language Support
Forms support 26 languages

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