Communication Software for Home Repair Services

Communicate from ReviewInc provide a great platform for two-way communication between homeowners and service technicians before, during, and after the repair.

Homeowners Can

Homeowners Can…

Quick Inquiries Leads to New Business

Coming out of the pandemic, many are still wary of physical contact. In 2020, according to Sears Home Services, on average 70% of people surveyed said they put off home repairs due to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, home repairs cannot be put off forever, and doing so can be more costly. Home service repairs often require technicians who are often strangers to come into people’s homes. Contactless software makes communicating with home service technicians easy for a phenomenal customer experience.

Quick Inquiries Leads to New Business

What are the Challenges of Home Repair Services?


Phone call appointment reminders take time and attention to detail.

The Right Person

It can be hard to find the right technician for the job.


There can be lots of paperwork.


Collecting reviews of technicians is necessary but difficult.

Getting Reviews

Collecting reviews of technicians is necessary but difficult.

Auto-Communication Tools for Home Services

Auto-Communication Tools for Home Services

Check In and Notify are Communicate’s flexible software tools that use forms and messages to improve the customer experience of home service repairs to send appointment reminders, exchange pictures and video of the repair and collect feedback.

Here's How Communicate Can Help

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Appointment Details

Appointment details can be set up with customer information so they receive reminders through Notify.

Exchange Photos

Homeowners can exchange photo and video of the repairs needed with the business so that the right technician is chosen for the job.

Documents & Photos

Photos of important documents can be sent via a secure server if needed.


Business can introduce technicians to homeowners before the service so they are familiar with who is coming in.

Status Notifications

Technicians can send update notifications when they are on their way so homeowners know when to expect them.

Request Reviews

After the repair is completed, with ReviewInc software, asking for public reviews is automated so new customers can find the business for in-home repairs.

What are the Benefits of Communicate?

Contactless Check In

Contactless Forms

Can embed forms into home repair website or blog with copy/paste HTML, Forms can also be accessed via mobile phone to describe the repair needed

Check In Response Page

Check In Response Page

Can have coupons for the next repair service

Automated Notifications

Automated Notifications

Automated notifications can send appointment reminders, information on technician and repair, and updates on technician location, ETA

Bidirectional communication with customers


Communicate with homeowners and technicians from one portal

Secure Transfer

Exchange Photos, Messages and Documents

Can exchange photos, videos, and documents electronically on a secure server for better communication

Negative Feedback Management

Automatically Request Feedback

Can automatically request feedback and public reviews with a timed delay to attract new customers with improved business ratings



Check In forms can be restricted to the home area to ensure the correct technician arrives.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Forms Support

Multi-language forms support over 24 languages including custom field values

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