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Need help checking in clients?

With an increase in pet adoptions, the demand for convenient veterinary services has risen. According to the Washington Post, about 80 percent of veterinary clinics the AVMA surveyed now provide curbside care.

Save time on fewer phone calls and voicemails with touchless communication software from ReviewInc. Easy two-way texting improves the experience for both pet care professionals and pet owners, leading to superior care and satisfied clients.

Less Calls and More Care

What are the Challenges of Veterinary Services?

Lots of Calls

Lots of time spent on phone calls and voicemails.

Busy Phones

Customers complain about phone lines being tied up.


Requires lots of face-to-face contact.

Follow Ups

It’s tedious to remember to send follow-ups to ask for a review after the service.

Auto-Communication Tools for Veterinary Services

Auto-Communication Tools for Veterinary Services

Check In and Notify are the communication software from ReviewInc that creates a connection between pet owners and veterinary offices.

Using forms and messages that can include photo and video so that the pet owner can easily drop off the pet for an appointment without physical contact, send text updates and requests on the pet’s condition and collect feedback.

Let’s walk through Carla’s experience using ReviewInc

reviewinc veterinary services carlas experience
reviewinc veterinary services carlas experience

Quick Booking

Carla can book an appointment for her cat Hobbes directly through their website vs. the old way – calling to book an appointment.

Automated Confirmation

After she fills out the form, she receives a confirmation text from a number that she can use to communicate directly with Pet Care Clinic throughout the process vs. having to call to communicate with the office.

Real-Time Texting

Carla can text with the Pet Care Clinic in real-time to set up a convenient time for her appointment with this text chain.

Status Page

Carla can also use the Status Page to see all the stages of her appointment and see where she is in the customer journey.

Curbside Pickup

When Carla checks in, she receives the following text, which lets her know about the short wait for the curbside pickup of Hobbes. The exact process is followed with pickup, avoiding unnecessary phone calls

Up-sell Services

During the appointment, the Pet Care Clinic texts Carla to ask if she would like Hobbes’ nails trimmed for an extra fee, and she responds to agree to the additional charge. The Pet Care Clinic could also text Carla if there was an emergency vs. having to call.

Follow up Review

When Carla is at home, happy with her pet, she receives another text asking for feedback about her experience, saving the Pet Care Clinic from having to follow up for a review.

What are the Benefits of Communicate?

So, all the receptionist at the Pet Care Clinic had to do for Carla was

ReviewInc blue number-01

Have three brief conversations with her (one planned, two spontaneous) via text

ReviewInc blue number-02

Add her appointment time and change it when she said she would be late

ReviewInc blue number-03

Click the “Next Stage” button three times

And she can do that from a single page and without a phone.

Communication and Interaction

On the receptionist’s side, the system is simple and easy to navigate. Any work that can be automated is, freeing them up to focus on their conversations with Carla and other clients. It prevents mountains of repetitive phone calls and unites all aspects of the job on one platform. The system is excellent and efficient.

On the client side, the system feels personal and special – they have a direct line to ask questions on and chat with representatives from. The system is excellent because it feels personal.

Communicate is the perfect balance between automation and interaction.

Communication and Interaction

What are the Features of Communicate?

Contactless Check In

Contactless Forms

Contactless Forms can be embedded into veterinary office website or blog with copy/paste HTML; can book an appointment by smartphone.


Photo Exchange

Can exchange photos, videos and documents electronically on a secure server for better communication.

Automated Notifications

Reminders, Updates, Curbside Pickup

Communicate by automating notifications can send appointment reminders, and pet care updates, curbside pickup parking spot location and time, and vaccine updates from one portal.

Negative Feedback Management

Automatically Request Feedback

Can automatically request feedback and public reviews with timed delay to attract new customers with improved business ratings.

Interactive Dashboard


Process is fully customizable to any veterinary offices’ needs.

Custom Email Servers

Keep Contact Details for Marketing

Contact information can be stored for further marketing purposes.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

Multi-language forms support over 24 languages including custom field values.

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