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Collect double the leads with abandoned cart technology from ReviewInc.

Collect Information for Marketing

Collect Information for Marketing

Every website can benefit from a contact form. Marketers need a way to collect information from website visitors interested in their products or services.

ReviewInc technology is fully customizable for every industry that captures information leading to sales that convert. The benefits over other contact forms are:

What is Check In Add Contact Form?

Check In is an easy-to-design contact form that uses the technology of our Page Builder to collect contact information.

You can host logos, banners, icons, HTML, social media buttons, and images to reflect your company branding. It can collect appointment dates, addresses, URLs, signatures, and files such as photos and videos to qualify incoming leads. This is a highly flexible tool ideal for all businesses.

What is Check In Add Contact Form
What is Communicate

What is Communicate?

Communicate is ReviewInc software that allows businesses to easily communicate with customers.

Communicate compliments the standard Contact Form with communication automation, such as instant notifications to the team, auto-responders via email and text, CRM integrations, invitations to finish the form, and much more.

How Does ReviewInc Improve the Contact Form?

Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart Technology

Many visitors start to fill out the contact form but do not finish for various reasons. ReviewInc’s Contact Form has abandoned cart technology that captures this information without the visitor hitting “submit” or you can set notifications that invite visitors to continue filling out the form for DOUBLE the leads!

Pre-Sales Reports


Not only does Check In collect leads, but it also helps analyze data on your contacts, such as contact quality, contact details over time, and custom fields to measure your campaigns.

Embed Check In From Website

Customizable forms

Forms are suitable for every industry with the capability to send photos and videos.

Automated Notifications

Custom Notifications

With Communicate’s tool Notify, visitors can be sent automated emails (such as newsletters) for prospecting, and your business can receive notifications with the information to be integrated into your CRM.

Secure Transfer

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

Can be embedded into any website or blog with simple copy/paste HTML.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-language Forms

Check In Supports 26 languages including the values of custom fields.

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