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In today’s post-pandemic world, 75% of US car customers prefer a contactless test drive experience, according to a survey by Capgemini. Customers want the convenience of being able to test drive a car before they purchase with reduced human and surface contact. Social distancing is important to ensure that the customer feels safe. Auto dealers need contactless test drive experience for auto dealers.

How can ReviewInc help?

Communicate is here to help with the customer service experience at auto dealerships with contactless check-in, encrypted file-sharing, and text notifications to automate the process of buying a car.


contactless test drive

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What are the challenges of buying a car?

  • You can only get so far reading car reviews; a car needs a test drive.
  • Too much paperwork
  • Traditionally, most purchases are made in person at a dealership.
contactless test drive

How can ReviewInc’s Communicate make buying a car easier?

Notify from Communicate is a customizable, automated communication tool that tracks every step in the customer-facing processes with interactive web-based forms, emails, and text messages. With a few easy steps, your auto dealership can create a customized car purchase experience, including test drives.


Contactless Test Drive Auto

Here’s how customer service software Communicate can help…

After booking an appointment at a car dealership, customers can use Check In upon arrival to share what vehicle they are interested in.

Contactless Test Drive Welcome Page

Secure Agreement Form

To test drive a car, customers can fill out a Test Drive Agreement from their cell phone, complete with options to take pictures of confidential information such as driver’s license and insurance.

Contactless Test Drive Agreement

Dynamic Review Flow

After test driving, customers can receive notifications to book another session or write a review of the car dealership.

contactless test drive

What are the benefits of Communicate?

  • Contactless Check In
  • QR codes available: Customers can Check In from their own smartphone without physical contact
  • Can also embed Check In to dealer website with easy copy/paste HTML check-in without QR code
  • Kiosk mode available to be set up on a tablet or kiosk on location
  • Exchange information and documents electronically on a secure server
  • Automated Notifications can move the process forward
  • Communicate with customers and employees via email and text messages from one portal
  • Effortlessly push contacts into any CRM
  • Geo-fencing: can restrict check ins to within set location proximity
  • Can automatically request public reviews with timed delay to improve business ratings online
Contactless check in

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