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Don’t Be Fooled by Google Local Guides

Google has recently implemented Google Local Guides to help boost interaction between customers and businesses, offering incentives for people who upload pictures, write reviews, answer questions — it’s about creating guides to promote available and accurate information for companies. Each upload gets points that will…
February 23, 2021
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The Ugly Truth About Review Incentives

When discussing tactics for getting online reviews, incentives often comes up as a strategy. However, companies out there are often tempted to provide incentives for reviews. It seems like a quick fix and a guaranteed solution to improve your online reputation. But is it worth…
February 10, 2021
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Online Reputation Management Tools for Marketing

We all know the importance of online reputation management tools in growing reviews for our businesses. Did you know that you can use positive customer reviews to help create amazing marketing materials? People are responsive to word of mouth, and seeing testimonials from previous customers…
January 26, 2021
apple maps reviewsUncategorized

Apple Maps Adds Reviews and Ratings

Did you know Apple Maps now allows people to rate and leave reviews about businesses within their navigation platform? You might not think this is a big deal, but this change could impact your reputation score if you're a business.  Apple Maps didn't start as…
December 8, 2020