New Consumers Survey Results Are Shocking (2019)

Best Ad Channel 2019

Over the past seven years, ReviewInc conducted strategic yearly studies of U.S. Consumers asking them what they sought out most before selecting a business, service or product. With over 20,000 respondents in total: Review Sites are still the most critical to the purchase decision. In fact, between 2013 and 2019, a huge leap of 10% proved that […]

Comcast to Allow Customers to Track and Rate Technicians

Comcast has never quite topped the list when it comes to excellent customer service. Horror story after horror story has surfaced as of late. Take this call, for example. But Comcast is making an effort to reconcile the previous bad-boy image that the public has of it. One of the ways it is doing this […]

You’ve Just Been Yelped

You all are probably very familiar with the popular review site Yelp by now. The concept is fairly simple: you visit a business and you write a review about your experience. You can also add “tips” and photos if you’d like. But this experience is typically experienced only by the consumer, not the business owner. […]

Consumers Now Can Post Reviews to Better Business Bureau

There are a plethora of different review sites to choose from when searching for online reviews of businesses, but what many don’t realize is that you can’t actually leave reviews on all of them, including the Better Business Bureau. Many review sites often pull from other review sites (such as Bing pulling from Yelp) and […]

New Study Sheds Light on Online Review Bias

New Study on Online Reviews Reveals Significant Gap between Real and Perceived Business Ratings via PR Web July 23, 2013 A new study conducted by review management company, ReviewInc, exposes new insight into the potential “bias” in the ratings businesses receive on public review sites. The study, which surveyed 1,000 consumers and examined over 25,000 […]