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Consumers Now Can Post Reviews to Better Business Bureau

By October 31, 2014March 16th, 2021Online Reviews, Press Release

BBB allows reviews

There are a plethora of different review sites to choose from when searching for online reviews of businesses, but what many don’t realize is that you can’t actually leave reviews on all of them, including the Better Business Bureau.

Many review sites often pull from other review sites (such as Bing pulling from Yelp) and in other cases, they simply just do not support review submission. Better Business Bureau was one of these review sites, but as of last month, it no longer falls under this category; users are now able to leave reviews on the Better Business Bureau website.

Any new reviews posted will have no bearing on the overall rating of a business, but will be available for viewing on the business’s Better Business Bureau profile page.

Unlike many of the other review sites, the reviews will not be posted immediately, however. Business managers will have the opportunity to respond to the submitted reviews before they are posted, which is the sole reason for the delay. See the video below for details:

“BBB Customer Reviews give people the option to praise businesses for admirable practices and services. They can also post neutral or negative responses,” said Carrie Hurt, President and CEO of Better Business Bureau, in a statement.