A Quick Guide to Google Reviews

improve Google Reviews

We all know how essential Google is for rankings. Google reviews are often seen as more credible and have higher authority because of Google’s reputation as a company and search engine tool.  It’s essential to recognize the power of positive Google reviews and take steps to manage them. Otherwise, you could compromise your entire business […]

What Is Your Negative Reputation Costing Your Business?

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Online reputation has become important in the past decade. With the rise in social media and the ability to network online, more people are sharing feedback online. It’s now become a necessity to protect your business’ online presence. When we think of “online reputation,” more often than not, we think of reviews. There are several […]

Can You Get Sued for Leaving Negative Legal Reviews?

legal reviews

We’ve all been there. You had a terrible experience with a company, service, or business. You feel so wronged that you’re compelled to put your passion to use and write a scathing review. After all, that’s why reviews are there, right? To exercise our rights as the customer and the customer is always right – […]

GUEST POST: Is Responding to Healthcare Reviews a HIPAA Violation?

healthcare reviews

Like any other business, health care providers must navigate the challenges presented by their online reputation in the form of healthcare reviews.  Reviews on sites like HealthGrades, RateMDs, Vitals, and Yelp can greatly impact a provider’s bottom line, especially for smaller providers, as ninety percent (90%) of consumers use online reviews to evaluate providers. For […]

Recent Changes to Google Reviews and Yelp Listings

Yelp and Google Reviews

In the beginning, reviews were simple, especially Google and Yelp reviews. Ratings kept everything simple with 1-5 stars. Through the years, reviews have gotten more sophisticated and complex as more review sites have popped up. However, as the power of customer voices kicks in, they have a way of changing the view of a business. […]

How to Track Down Fake Users Leaving Negative Feedback

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Reviews give customers the ability to vocalize their opinion and experience about a company, however fake reviews and negative feedback can really hurt your business. However, negative feedback might not always be from who you think, and you might have reasons to believe your negative reviews rare from fake customers. How can you track them […]

How Companies Cheat Online Reputation

cheat online reputation

Many businesses care about their online reputation enough to be deceitful about it and cheat their online reputation. Some companies or business owners might think this falsifying  shortcut might help their business grow, but it could ultimately ruin your online reputation forever.  Most platforms work hard to catch people before it happens, but sometimes it […]

Don’t Let Google’s Reputation Algorithm Bring You Down

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Google holds high power when it comes to reputation management, ranking, and searchability. After all, they are the biggest search engine.  That being said, what can you do if you have negative feedback? The steps outlined by Google may seem simple, but it’s more complex of a situation. Google protects peoples’ right to leave reviews […]

Choosing A Reputation Management Software Platform

reputation management software

After a long year in lockdown and unforeseen increases in online sales, online reputation management software platforms have been more critical than ever. If your online sales have increased, it’s assumed that it is because you’ve also seen a spike in reviews, and it might be time to invest in a reputation management software platform. […]

How to Handle Blank One-Star Reviews

one-star reviews

Your business may have received a 1-star review, and of course, it isn’t delightful. Rather it is dreaded.  However, consider what if you had several with no actual feedback? Several one-star ratings are tanking your overall average, hindering your brand image, and damaging your rankings. With Google’s changing algorithm, having negative reviews can only cause […]