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A negative Google review can have a significant impact on a business. It can lead to reduced sales and perhaps even closure of the business. The reputation of the company is at stake because new customers will judge them based on the reviews they read.

However, what if the negative Google reviews and backlash come from a new policy?

Many businesses within the “cancel culture era” are experiencing these difficulties while trying to implement policies that are in place to keep customers and employees safe.

Google’s policies can affect businesses in a negative way, although they are fair. Businesses get negative reviews and pushback usually due to miscommunication, which is normal. They may misinterpret Google’s policies and blow them out of proportion, which in turn, affects the employees of local businesses. 

We’ll explore what situations have occurred and what businesses like yours can expect moving forward.

How Are Policies are Impacting Businesses?

Negative reviews always happen. Google’s policy states that businesses can only delete reviews that fall under their “Prohibited and Restricted Content” rules, which is fair, so businesses cannot delete reviews simply because they are negative. 

This has led to many business owners feeling frustrated and upset, as they feel like they can’t do anything about the bad reviews left by customers who may not be happy with their services or products.

Cancel Culture Running Rampant

An example of “cancel culture” and its impact on businesses is Tio Taco and Tequila Bar in Edison, New Jersey. “The management instituted a policy that threatened the termination of any

google review

Many restaurants ask their customers for Google reviews after a great dining experience.

employee who couldn’t get enough 5-star Google reviews.”

On a post via Reddit, “a server at the Edison restaurant posted a picture of the policy set to start in February requiring all front-of-house employees to get a minimum of five 5-star Google reviews if they wanted to keep their job.”

Naturally, the viral spread of this information led to a backlash against the company, even to the point of threats. It went beyond negative Google reviews but complete retaliation against the restaurant.

It’s a Catch-22. The server had a right to complain about policy as long as it’s in truth and their opinion of the matter. However, there’s a risk for doing so.

The main objective is to help give support to employees in difficult and unlawful practices of businesses. In fact, we’ve seen businesses take social responsibility when these incidents are exposed. 

Especially in this pandemic era,  many restaurants and businesses have received backlash for implementing safety regulations or doing the opposite. Suddenly, they find themselves in the midst of “cancel culture” tabloids. 

google restaurant review

Restaurants should open the door to communicating with their customers to prevent miscommunication and negative Google reviews.

The Future of Changing Policies

It’s not just about changing policies but criticizing current ones that are unpopular amongst the general public. Public shaming has become the go-to in promoting change. Sometimes effective but also can be dangerous, as the taco restaurant has recently learned.

Moving forward, it seems crucial to have a balance with management and employees particularly. Employees see more than the customers, providing power that is unprecedented.

For businesses, their best action is to either implement policies prohibiting releasing information without speaking to management or have better communication with employees to ensure their staff is happy with the situation.

Only time will tell but the legal realm remains gray and may take time and the legal system to catch up with the progressing nature of online reviews.

Automation Software Against Reputational Harm

We may not have an immediate answer for “cancel culture” within the review realm but automation is your best way to monitor and combat the situation early on.

One of the best defenses as a business owner is to invest in reputation software. That way, you can have all reviews monitored and handled appropriately before it causes damage as we’ve seen in the past few years.

One of the best defenses is to jump on a possible infringement as soon as possible. Therefore, it can be quickly rectified and resolved without legal headaches.

The high importance of online reviews makes it necessary to have a plan in place for online reputation management. It’s vital to respond to positive reviews and negative reviews quickly. 

With ReviewInc’s reputation management software, businesses have the tools to properly oversee their online reputation and all reviews. This allows their team to respond quickly and appropriately, as well as collect new reviews. 

To learn more about ReviewInc’s Review Flow, request a demo here.