How Apple Maps and Yelp’s Integration Might Change Reviews

You might be reading this headline and think: so what? Who cares if the two companies are integrating? However, as online reviews and reputation evolve, it will slowly change how we look at businesses and their rankings.

As a business, it’s essential to pay attention to where the players in online reputation are going. It is better to understand the metrics now than risk hurting your online reputation.

Let’s dive into what Apple Maps is and how its integration with Yelp might change the scope of reviews.

Apple Maps is Rebuilding

Apple Maps is Apple’s version of the navigational system. Given that Apple is known for technological innovation, we can only assume that they will continue advancing their technology to keep themselves ahead of the curve.

Apple Maps, as a general platform, has been expanding its features in several ways. Apple Maps has evolved into integrating a business platform to map GPS technology to meet with businesses, helping both businesses and customers.

Additionally, Apple Maps also implemented business profiles to help create more detailed business information and connect the mapping feature with businesses. You can read more in our previous article about that.

Apple Maps will continue to become more than just a navigation system but a business platform with ratings and reviews.

Yelp Partnership with Apple is Fading

Everyone is familiar with Yelp. Yelp, after all, was the pioneer for online reviews and creating a platform for customers to have a voice. It’s no surprise that Apple chose to team up with Yelp.

So what can we expect?

We might be waving goodbye to Yelp as its own identity. There has been lots of speculation has been brewing on conversational platforms, like Reddit, and the fate of Yelp seems to be less than optimistic.

As with most mergers, usually, one prominent name falls to the sidelines. Since Apple is one of the largest tech companies globally and their Apple Map plan seems to be expanding rapidly, it’s probably in the best interest of Yelp to combine forces. Apple does seem to be moving forward in the direction of having its own Guides.

Customers don’t seem to like the integration and the requirements to acquire a single review. As one customer said on Reddit, “I wish Apple would implement its in-house rating system as Google does.” The merge already doesn’t seem to be going over well amongst customers.

Only time will tell, and the integration won’t be an overnight process. It will most likely happen swiftly, and we’ll already begin utilizing the newly updated platform.

Why Reputation Software Can Help

Reviews are a crucial part of your online presence. Not only should you monitor for negative reviews, but know what activity is happening on each platform and keep up with significant changes like this.

Investing in ReviewInc’s reputation management software is a way for businesses to have a team overseeing their online reputation and all reviews. They have a personal connection to your clients to nurture your reviews to benefit your business. This allows our team to respond quickly and appropriately.

Best part? You don’t have to keep up-to-date on all the platform changes. Reputation automation makes these changes and adapts to new modifications and regulations, so you can focus on important business matters!

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