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After a long year in lockdown and unforeseen increases in online sales, online reputation management software platforms have been more critical than ever.

If your online sales have increased, it’s assumed that it is because you’ve also seen a spike in reviews, and it might be time to invest in a reputation management software platform. What that means is you’ll have analytics about your overall online presence. In some cases, you can pay to have online consultants manage your reviews to help increase positive feedback. Having positive online reviews can directly and positively boost your ROI.

reputation management software

Here are some ideas to think about when choosing online reputation software.

Different reputation management software systems have extra bells and whistles. Since reputation management software is a pricey investment, let’s go through a checklist of what to look for when shopping for reputation management software. 

What Are Your Goals and Challenges?

When it comes to online reputation, you might have a particular goal in mind. Maybe you want to reach five stars consistently? Possibly improve customer experience? Whatever your plans for online reputation are, make sure you take the time to jot them down to keep them in mind when shopping for reputation management software.

Create a Baseline of Options

Search for the best reputation software out there. This might take some digging since many companies can afford paid advertising and place their websites at higher ranking, not necessarily for their quality over competition. Stick to having top three choices since it’s easier to narrow down and reduce options. Thoroughly shop around, read reviews, read forums, and do the research.

Make a List of Your Top Options

Once you’ve taken the time to investigate and research top-quality reputation management software, create a table with some of your goals and needs for a software system and have all three options at the top of these columns. Make check marks for each box that satisfies these company goals. It would help if you looked at great software, but even the best option might not be ideal for you. Creating this table will allow you to review the pros and cons and narrow down the best fit.

Take it For a Spin

Most reputation management software companies will allow a demo to walk you through. After you’ve narrowed it down to two options, see if they offer a demo to try the software. What looks good on paper might not work for your business. Take a free demo before investing in reputation management software.

Why Choose ReviewInc for your Reputation Management

reputation management software

ReviewInc is the most customizable reputation management software.

While managing online reviews can be challenging, there’s a technology that can help. Using online reputation software is the easiest way to manage your online reviews. Plus, it frees up extra time to attend to your business and provide excellent customer service. 

Online reputation software, like ReviewInc, monitors all online reviews on all platforms. It allows for immediate attention to help reduce negative consequences. Your customers can get their issues resolved while protecting your online presence.

Online review software, depending on the version, can be costly. Alternatively, you’d be investing time to hire a team member to manage reviews, or you’d need to take time yourself. Either way, there’s a cost. But one won’t require your time. Using reputation management software offers you peace of mind to run your business effectively.

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